Indonesia’s Ranking Went Down and Out of the Big 5 of Southeast Asia

In only three days difference, and now the Indonesian national team has to bear the consequence of being shifted by Malaysia as well as down from the top five of Southeast Asia in the global rank. This consequence is certainly worth the discretion of PSSI, Indonesian FA, which is obliged to be responsible for the carelessness of the National Team coach (by foreigners) by carrying out experiments in critical matches.

Indonesia’s national team position in the FIFA ranking in the latest update, June 14, 2019 must be willing to decline one level. The Indonesian national team which originally collected 1008 points and was in position 159, must be willing to go down one level to rank 160. Indonesia’s points record was reduced by three points after swallowing defeat from Jordan on FIFA Matchday, Tuesday.

Indonesia’s position is occupied by neighboring countries from Southeast Asia, Malaysia. Malaya Tiger won two consecutive wins in the first round of the 2022 World Cup qualifier with a landslide victory over Timor Leste (home-away) so that it could add 15 points. Now, Malaysia has collected 1009 points and has four points from Indonesia. Even Indonesia has to get out of the top five Southeast Asian countries in the FIFA ranking as of June 14, 2019.

The Garuda squad must be willing to be in sixth position, one level above Singapore and Cambodia. Even the position of Indonesia can still change as the results of the match against the Vanuatu national team at the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Central Jakarta, Friday.

More complete ranking of FIFA ASEAN countries as of June 14, 2019 is as below:
1. Vietnam (ranked 96; 1232 points; up 2 levels)
2. Thailand (ranked 116; 1165 points; down 2 levels)
3. Philippines (ranked 126; 1131 points; down 2 levels)
4. Myanmar (ranked 138; 1084 points; up 2 levels)
5. Malaysia (ranked 159; 1009 points; up 9 levels)
6. Indonesia (ranked 160; 1005 points; down 2 levels)
7. Singapore (ranked 162; 999 points; down 2 levels)
8. Cambodia (ranked 169; 988 points; up 4 levels)
9. Laos (ranked 188; 912 points; down 4 levels)
10. Brunei Darussalam (ranked 193; 904 points; up 1 level)
11. Timor Leste (ranked 200; 879 points; down 5 levels)

Although from eleven Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia is among the six six countries that have dropped ranks, but if the game against Vanuatu National Team tomorrow takes another night, it will not be impossible, Singapore will be able to re-shift Indonesia. Please pay attention to Simon. If only against Jordan. You are not experimenting, it could be that the Indonesian national team does not have to suffer defeat and does not have to go down from the top five in Southeast Asia. Moreover, displaced by arch-rivals Malaysia. Once again remember, there is a FIFA ranking that will be a benchmark for achievement. There are countries that continue to want to increase the FIFA ranking, and the Vanuatu national team is eyeing victory, not just a picnic to Indonesia.

It will be interesting how the national team will fight to sustain their top 5 positions in the global rank.


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