Infofed, Startup Esports from Bangkok Receive Investment

Infofed, a startup engaged in virtual reality and esports from Bangkok, Thailand, just got Pre-series A funding from a Japanese gaming media company, GameWith. Unfortunately, it is not known how much funding was provided. Infofed said they would use this fresh fund to expand into the Southeast Asian region. They plan to enter Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia in 2020.

Infofed was founded in 2015. The company is a one-stop service for game companies, consumer brands, and also the esports community by providing online and offline platforms. They operate eArena, an online platform for professional gamers, which allows them to create and manage content. Not only that, these professional players can also use the platform to hold competitive matches with other players.

In addition, Infofed also organizes events and tournaments in Thailand eSports Arena, which is valued at US $ 1.5 million. The Bangkok company claims that they have invested US $ 1.6 million into Infofed Ecosystem, which includes eSports Arena, the production division and organizing of esports events, as well as the streamer and influencer development business. With this, they hope to become the market leader for the Southeast Asian region by 2025.

“After this round of fundraising rounds, we plan to hold several esports collaborations that will strengthen our position as market leaders and create 10,000 jobs in the field of esports for the generation of technology-literate in Southeast Asia by 2025,” said Jirayod Theppipit, Founder and CEO of Infofed, as reported by Tech in Asia.

In February 2019, Infofed obtained investment from a venture capital company from Singapore KK Fund and Thailand’s event marketing platform, Event PopShows. At that time, they said that they planned to strengthen their esports business and planned to become a tournament organizer not only at home, but also in the Southeast Asian region.

This year, indeed more and more companies are interested in becoming investors from gaming and esports companies, such as Hiro Capital. Given the esports industry is estimated to be worth almost US $ 3 billion by 2022, this is not unusual. Currently, the development of the esports industry is still focused on the North American, European, South Korean and Chinese regions. However, in the next few years, the esports industry in developing countries is also expected to grow rapidly, including in the Greater Southeast Asia region which includes Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

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