Intel, ESL, and NSE Create FutureGen Programs to Find Talent Esports on Campus

In the esports industry, professional players may be the most highlighted by the media. However, being a professional player is not the only career that can be pursued. There are various other jobs that can be undertaken, such as the manager of the esports or caster team. In 2018, Intel and ESL created a program called FutureGen with the aim of finding commentators among students in the United Kingdom. At that time, TJ Phillips came out as champions. He had the opportunity to conduct various interviews at EGX 2018 and became a commentator for the esports tournament at the event. This year, Intel and ESL also partnered with National Student Esports (NSE) to hold a bigger FutureGen program.

If in the FutureGen program last year there was only one person who came out as the winner, this year, the FutureGen program will choose 10 people from the people who registered. Registration for the FutureGen program will open at the end of September. One of the requirements to enroll in this program is to become a student at a university in the United Kingdom. In addition, people who want to register must also send an application letter and make a short video. After that, a group of judges will choose 10 people from the list of registrants. In the second semester of the current academic year, Intel and NSE will hold various activities to develop the talents of 10 selected people. The peak of the activity will be held in May 2020. According to The Esports Observer report, FutureGen program participants will be able to learn from “industry leaders”. In addition, they will also get training related to esports.

“At Intel, we are committed to developing esports and that means supporting the industry from the bottom, making the league at the grassroots level, and educating new talent,” UK Gaming and Esports Lead, Intel UK, Scott Gillingham, was quoted as saying by Esports Insider. “Talent esports are not limited to players. That is why, after successfully doing the FutureGen program in 2018, Intel is proud to launch Intel FutureGen 2019 with NSE and ESL. We want to make a bigger and better program this year, so we can support talented students and provide opportunities to develop themselves for young people who have aspirations in esports. ”

Intel had become an NSE partner in July. At that time, the processor-making company was a sponsor of the British University Esports Championship (BUEC) held by NSE. While Intel and ESL have been partners for a long time. In addition to collaborating on the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM), Intel is also working together to hold the Intel World Open at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Intel World Open will be a “pre-event” of the Olympics. Two games to be pitted are Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and Rocket League.

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