Inter Milan Flies to Top of Serie A’s Table

Inter Milan’s victory over Genoa brought Inter Milan back to occupy the throne of Serie A at the end of 2019. This 4-0 victory was also a special year-end gift for Inter. Honestly, with a critical condition and a crisis of players, Inter can still advance to the top together with Juventus with humility.

Initially, many people doubted Inter’s adventure because before the top of the standings were taken over by Juventus. Exactly when Juventus defeated Sampdoria 2-1 at the Luigi Ferraris Stadion, the headquarters of Sampdoria. The victory of Juventus seems to be an inner burden for Inter, who will only compete on Sunday morning. Honestly, in the previous match cons Fiorentina Inter were so hurt because they conceded in the second minute of extra time that the score changed to 1-1.

Because of the bad results, Genoa’s coach Thiago Motta boasted about saying his team could stop Lukaku. “We will stop him how everyone is stopped. He is a great player, but we can stop him through teamwork.”

Actually Thiago Motta’s arrogance is quite reasonable because of the condition of Inter’s squad. Brozovic and Lautaro Martinez were hit by card accumulations. Barella, Alexis Sanchez, and Asamoah have not yet recovered. However, when competing against Genoa Inter looked very promising and highly motivated. This optimism was seen when Antonio Conte installed Sebastiano Esposito as Lukaku’s partner in the attacking position. Who would have guessed Seba (the nickname of Esposito) could debut as a starter that fast?

And apparently, the results did not disappoint. The Inter game is live and the average player plays hard. Borja Valero and Candreva who were previously indicated to be still injured also showed impressive play.

However, it took 31 minutes for Inter to score. Starting from Candreva’s beautiful stomach pass, Lukaku who was free standing immediately headed the ball into the goalkeeper who was taken care of by Ionut Radu. Not much celebration, Lukaku just stood quietly welcoming the happiness of his colleagues.

Because of that goal, Inter seemed to be encouraged until on 32 minutes scored again. Only 1 minute later, Gagliardini who got the space shot immediately launched a hard kick that could not be ignored by Radu. Sweet Assist from Lukaku. Genoa, who have been left behind by 2 goals, only occasionally press Inter. Throughout the first half, only Antonio Sanabria could disturb the Inter defense.

In the second half, Inter added advantage through an Esposito penalty on 64 minutes and continued Lukaku’s second goal on 71 minutes, an assist from Candreva. Having mastered the game, Conte maximized the substitution by including Stefano Sensi, Federico Dimarco and Valentino Lazaro. Score 4-0 last until the end of the match for Inter Milan victory.

There is a special moment in this fight that should be highlighted. Precisely in the 64th minute when Sebastian Esposito scored a goal through the penalty spot. Actually, the usual allotment was taken by Romelu Lukaku. However, Lukaku who was originally getting ready to take the penalty immediately gave the ball to Seba. What a humble attacker.

“I want to thank the team, the coach, the club and also Romelu, especially for the goal. He is a fantastic person and an extraordinary player. He told me to believe in myself when I would kick the ball and score goals.”

For this fight, Antonio Candreva deserves to be Man of the Match because of the two assists he gave. And Romelu Lukaku also deserves to be Man of the Match thanks to two goals, and the two assists he gave. One assist for Gagliardini and another for the penalty opportunity he gave to Seba.

Suddenly Seba immediately hugged and kissed his mother after the fight. The goal seemed to be the most beautiful gift he offered to his mother. A fantastic night for 17-year-old Sebastian Esposito. Not only Lukaku, Inter also began to show humility since raised by Antonio Conte. Conte continues to encourage his players by praising and assuming Inter have begun to grow.

“Today’s match was not easy, but we showed a brilliant performance in the midst of all the difficulties and the absence of several players. Gagliardini, Vecino and Borja Valero played even though they were not in the best condition and when you have players who put the team above everything.” Even though towards the end of the year the Inter players seemed to be nervous, but Conte continues to appreciate the foster play that always displays the best performance. Neither Conte, Inter, nor supporters would have expected that if Inter could become one of Juventus’ strongest competitors. What’s more this season Inter have stood at the helm of the Serie A.

Although Inter and Juventus points are both worth 42, Inter are superior on goal difference with 22, while Juventus are 14 points. If Inter’s performance can continue to be maintained, then it is not impossible for Inter to displace Juventus and become Capolista in Serie A. Changes and renewal of the squad in January 2020 will be important for Inter. At the moment Inter’s squad is still incomplete in all positions. Inter will also still be competing in 3 competitions namely Serie A, Coppa Italia, and Europa League.

Lots and tight match schedules inevitably make Inter have to enliven his squad. There are at least the addition of one or two players in midfield, so Brozovic’s work will be a little lighter.

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