Inter Milan is approaching Alexander Lacazette

The Italian League, Serie A, this season has not resumed after being temporarily suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but rumors of the player transfer market began to circulate widely. The same thing happened to Inter Milan’s transfer market.

Like its striker Lautaro Martinez who is widely known and has become a public consumption by joining the Spanish giants Barcelona. But something surprised us to find out that Arsenal striker Alexander Lacazette is now on Inter’s radar. We do not know where the Inter and Lacazette rumors, which suddenly appeared on Twitter lines. What possessed Inter to be interested with Alexander Lacazette? Let’s discuss about the truth of these transfer rumors. Lacazette’s rumors about Inter arose after Lautaro Martinez was being approached by Barcelona. The Argentine striker is hotly linked with the Catalan club. But Inter will release it if the release clause of 111 million euros is met.

Well, that might be the reason for the emergence of rumors of Alexander Lacazette to Inter. It turned out that the news about Lacazette was first reported by the biggest media from France, L’Equipe, who reported if Inter considered Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette as one of the players they were trying to bring next summer. The 29-year-old player has so far been able to package 45 goals in 114 matches for the Gunners.

However, the player is not too keen to continue his career at Inter, this could make interest in the Nerazzurri would only unrequited. But keep in mind that, the transfer market is always difficult to guess and in the next few weeks we will be able to better know whether this option will heat up or not. How appropriate is Lacazette in the Inter squad?

Most Inter Milan fans are pessimistic about this transfer news and doubt the potential of Lacazette, even then the question arises: Where will he play? Will he fit into the 3-5-2 scheme by coach Antonio Conte? Or maybe Conte will choose to back down by changing his playing style to be able to facilitate Lacazette’s abilities if he is actually recruited.

Despite raising doubts, the L’Equipe report also mentions that Inter Milan have special considerations why they want to recruit Lacazette. Antonio Conte is said to like the Lacazette playing style. In addition, the French striker is considered to be a good substitute for Lautaro Martinez in attack.

The prospect of Lacazette is also promising, besides being able to play as number 9, it can also play as false 9 as well, as it is currently doing at Arsenal in the 4-2-3-1 scheme by Mikael Arteta. More or less, what Lacazette did was similar to Roberto Firmino’s role in Liverpool. Not only that Lacazette has been tested enough in England so that it is judged not to be a flop purchase for Nerrazurri. Inter Milan’s opportunity to secure Lacazette’s signature is quite wide open.

So what is the reason Lacazette is suddenly to be target of this rumor? Lacazette’s performance in the 2019-2020 season was down, despite having scored nine goals and three assists in 26 matches for Arsenal this season. He began to lose competition when compared to his colleague at Arsenal, Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang who had scored 20 goals and one assist

Actually it’s not so bad, but it’s beyond the club’s expectations of the player. That’s what makes Lacazette often sit on the bench especially after the arrival of the brand-new coach from Spain, Mikel Arteta.

That’s why Lacazette was not happy at Arsenal and chose to leave to look for a club that could give him regular playing hours. Although his contract with Arsenal will end in two more seasons. One more recent point he was found violating club rules related to violations during the lockdown by ignoring social distancing.

Nevertheless, Lacazette did not run out of interested clubs. In addition to Inter, Spanish club Atletico Madrid are also reportedly interested in securing the striker’s signature. Moreover, Arsenal happen to want one of their midfielders, namely Thomas Lemar. There could be a player exchange option.

However, if there is a redeemed amount of money of course, the Gunners – Arsenal nickname – will not release it cheaply. According to Transfermarkt, the Lacazette market price is now approved at 48 million euros. So, in essence, Alexander Lacazette is not in dispute. Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid both need it. But who will be lucky and seriously get it? Everything is determined by the shrewdness of each transfer team so that it is not just a rumor


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