Interesting Facts of Hellas Verona


This name suddenly stuck out and became a byword for lovers of the Italian League and connoisseurs of the globe. Playing at the Marc’Antonio Bentegodi stadium, Hellas Verona appeared convincing after being able to reply to Ronaldo’s goal. Actually who the hell is this Verona Verona? Beating Juventus even though they are the rulers of Italy now is common in football, isn’t it?

Yes, small teams beating strong teams in football is common, the term Cool Giant Killer. But Verona did it not just once. Before beating the Old Lady, Verona was able to draw Milan (1-1) and Lazio (0-0).

Since being defeated by Atalanta 3-2 in the middle of December 2019, Verona haven’t lost any more. Until the victory versus Juve last Sunday, Verona have gone through 8 matches without defeat! The details are 4 wins, 4 draws. And interestingly, the facts speak that of their 4 home games, Verona almost picked up perfect points in each match. Only the match against Torino ended 1 point, the remaining 3 points they managed to get at home to Genoa, Lecce and Juventus.

Meanwhile, when undergoing away matches, Verona did not lose points. In the last 4 away matches, Verona won one victory from SPAL and drew 3 when they travelled to Bologna, Milan and Lazio.

OK, that might not be an achievement, but what would happen if it was a promotion team? Interestingly, the fact that Verona is promoting to Serie A through the play-offs. Compared to Verona, actually Brescia who promoted to the highest caste of the Italian League as a Serie B champion was favored as a dark horse.

Lecce who finished last season’s Serie B runners-up under Brescia is also favoured. However, until Giornata 23, Brescia is in the relegation zone precisely in 19th position with 16 points from 23 matches! While Lecce is ranked 17th in the standings and only 3 points away from the relegation zone.

How about Hellas Verona? Surprisingly, they are now ranked 6th in the league. That means they are temporarily in the European zone and have the chance to qualify for the Europa League next season. Verona’s success to date has been inseparable from Ivan Juric’s strategy as a coach.

Ivan Juric has served as coach of Verona since June 2019. Of the 24 matches accompanying Verona in all competitions, Verona was able to bring him won 9 wins, 7 draws, and 8 times swallowing fatigue. The winning percentage is indeed only 37.5%, but it’s good enough for the promotion team that has limited funds and the squad as it is.

Ivan Juric is arguably only relying on existing players. Without stars, that’s the condition in Verona. Even from 28 players, 11 of them are on loan from other clubs. In fact only 9 players have been on loan, but since the winter transfer then increased to two players.

Amir Rrahmani and Sofyan Amrabat are in fact they just brought in Verona this summer but in the winter transfer last January they were sold to Naples and Fiorentina and then loaned to Verona before the next season officially defends Napoli and Fiorentina.  Verona also recorded positive results in the transfer market this season. Their total expenditure for player transfer fees according to data transfermarkt reached 20.24 million euros. But Verona has managed to sell several of its players which, if the total sales results reach 41.30 million euros! Amir Rrahmani’s transfer to Naples reached 14 million euros, even though he was brought in from Dinamo Zagreb with only a capital of 2.1 million euros.

Sofyan Amrabat is more profitable. He was brought in from Club Brugge with a dowry of 3.5 million euros and then was sold to Fiorentina last January at a cost of 20 million euros. Their high market value is inseparable from their great play with Verona this season. Both are also a mainstay of Ivan Juric and always the first choice. By carrying out the 3-4-2-1 formation, Rrahmani became the commander in the formation of 3 defenders, while Amrabat was the axis of defense and attacked Verona in a duet with Miguel Veloso in midfield.

With a 3-4-2-1 formation, Verona is indeed not a productive team. Compared to other clubs in the European zone, Verona is the worst. Verona is only able to score 28 goals in 23 Serie A matches but their defense is quite sturdy and one of the best.

Verona occupies the fourth best position with only 24 goals conceded in 23 matches. They only lost to Juventus, Lazio and Inter Milan. The reason is how they played Verona under Ivan Juric who played aggressively.

Yes, Verona is a team that plays aggressively by relying on tight pressure since the first half. Juventus were overwhelmed with the pressure that Verona put on the 23rd giornata. The Old Lady was made unable to develop attacks until the first half was over, even Verona was able to excel first in the first round if only the goal was not annulled by VAR. Tight pressure and tight ball flow make Verona’s defence difficult to penetrate. From the statistics of the match Verona vs Juve alone, Ronaldo cs only able to make 3 kicks towards the goal. Meanwhile, when meeting Lazio, Verona lost in terms of possession, but 4 shots on target Immobile et al failed to bear fruit.

Even when away to Milan, Verona were beaten with 5 shots on target but they only conceded 1 goal and took home 1 point. Yes, behind the tight defense, they have a goalkeeper who appears quite solid. Of the 23 week, Silvestri has done a total of 72 saves with a total of 3.1 saves per game. Based on his total saves throughout the season, he ranks 8th based on statistics. Tight play and solid defence make Verona invisible attacking play. Of the total goals they scored this season are true, their top score is Giampaolo Pazzini who only scored 4 goals only. But in truth Verona does not have the definite spearhead.

From their list of goal scorers, there are always players from various positions who are able to score. From the defender sector there is Faraoni who has scored 3 goals. In the midfield position, Valerio Verre and Matteo Pessina have also been able to score 3 goals this season. While in the striker position besides Pazzini there is Di Carmine who has scored 3 goals.

Verona’s goals prove that they have no definite grip. Verona only plays aggressively with full risk and plays tightly looking for empty gaps in the opponent’s defense. That is what Ivan Juric has been wanting and his foster children are able to apply it well until week 23. However, what Verona has achieved this season will not necessarily be repeated the following season. Recognized by Ivan Juric, Verona’s target is to stay in Serie A. The slick play of the Verona players will certainly attract big clubs to recruit key players for Verona this season.

Evidently, the fact that there are already 2 Verona players who will change to another club’s costume next season. It could be that in the remaining matches this season there are already talent scouts from other clubs who are ready to monitor the Verona players. The point is that the current squad will not necessarily last for next season.

But that’s what modern football is today and Ivan Juric is also aware of the possibilities ahead. I don’t think Ivan Juric will have too much trouble rebuilding his team for next season, yet every year each team will rebuild their squad, right?

What is clear is just enjoying the surprises Hellas Verona in the remaining weeks this season. Who knows they can survive in the European zone and qualify for European club competition next season since the last time it happened in the 1987-1988 season. Oh, one more fact, compared to his younger brother, Chievo Verona, the name Hellas Verona is quite foreign to Serie A fans in Indonesia. But, the facts prove that Hellas Verona is the most successful club in the city of Verona with as many as 3 Coppa Italia trophies obtained in the 70s and 80s. The peak of Hellas Verona’s success occurred in the 1984-1985 season when he got his first scudetto. Those are some facts of Hellas Verona. Forza Hellas Verona!

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