Invictus Gaming Collaborates with Chevrolet, Advertise New SUVs

Giant esports teams seem to be increasingly attracted by non-endemic brands. One of the latter is quite often reported to be working together is a brand in the automotive sector. Following Audi collaborated with Astralis, Mercedes-Benz with SK Gaming, Honda with Team Liquid, and BMW with Cloud9, this time it was Chevrolet’s turn to officially become a partner for Invictus Gaming.

Reporting from The Esports Observer, Chevrolet’s position towards the giant team from China is the official car partner. The main goal of this collaboration is to promote Chevrolet’s new product, the Chevrolet Tracker SUV. League of Legends team Invictus Gaming has appeared in a video ad on Weibo titled “IG x Tracker”. In addition, each member of this team also became the model for the Chevrolet advertisement video itself. If you visit the official Chevrolet China website, you can see Invictus Gaming appearing on various advertising materials there.

Invictus Gaming and Chevrolet do not reveal the financial value of this collaboration. What is clear is that now the Invictus Gaming jackets and jersey in the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) have been installed with the Chevrolet logo. The team which won the LPL 2019 Spring Playoffs last March will also use the Chevrolet Tracker SUV to travel and create content in the future.

The launching of this cooperation has been demonstrated by Chevrolet since last June. On an event called the Chongqing Auto Show, Invictus Gaming players took part on the stage with Chevrolet to show off their new jackets. It seems that collaboration and advertising produced only apply locally in China, because Chevrolet does not install similar material on their global version of the site.

The collaboration of the esports team with automotive brands has recently become a trend, not only in China but also in other competitive regions. Considering that Invictus Gaming is one of the biggest and also the strongest teams in China, it is only natural that they will be attracted to work together.

Other brands such as Mercedes-Benz not only collaborate with the ESports team (SK Gaming, Royal Never Give Up), but also become sponsors for the LPL league itself since 2018. What other automotive brands will be involved in the esports world later?

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