Is Maurizio Sarri the Solution for Juventus’ Trophy?

Maurizio Sarri. Finally he was able to show the world that he could also be a coach who deserved recognition in his last season with Chelsea. The man born in Napoli, 60 years ago, has lately become a conversation in the arena of European football because of its performance. Many people began to name him when they were able to bring the Serie B club, Empoli promotion to the highest rank of the Italian League in 2013. Then the name Sarri appeared more frequently in the news after he was able to bring the legendary club from his hometown, Naples, to the nuisance of Juventus. A in recent years.

The longest time Sarri spent at a club was around three years. This could be an indication that Sarri really likes new challenges. Maybe that’s what made Sarri not reject an offer to train one of the London clubs, Chelsea FC. It could even be said, Chelsea was the first club trained by Sarri who came from outside Italy. Yes, since becoming a coach in 2000 and starting a coaching career at AC Sansovino club, Sarri has always chosen to train a club in his home country.

Even so, Sarri still tried to prove to the world that Chelsea did not choose him wrong. Indeed, the English league title has not been able to be obtained by Sarri, but not long after, Sarri was able to contribute a title that is not less prestigious, namely the Europa League Champion after frustrating their city rivals, Arsenal, in the final round. Sarri’s success in winning the Europa League title attracted one of Italy’s elite clubs, Juventus. Juventus, who are often called ‘Old Lady’, are indeed looking for an effective solution to end their title famine in European competition. Juventus did not dry up achievements.

This is evidenced by their dominance in the domestic league to be able to win eight Serie A titles in a row. Of course this achievement is encouraging, but it is not enough. You could say, until now the European trophies seemed reluctant to stop in Turin. If you look at Juventus’ achievements, their European title was last time the European Super Champion in 1996-1997, or approximately more than two decades ago.

Everything has been done by Juventus to restore their hegemony in Europe. Regular star players began to be recruited, even the world class coaches they got. But it turned out to be fruitless. Some of their efforts ran aground including defeat in the Champions League Final. The hope of winning the European competition was always dashed. In fact, in the end, Juventus recruited one of the mega stars from Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo, who had a myriad of achievements including European competition champions.

And in the end, today, June 16, 2019, Juventus officially announced that Maurizio Sarri, Napoli’s proud son, became their new coach, replacing Massimiliano Allegri. Sarri has also never won the highest title in European competition. But the achievement of Sarri who was able to win the Europa League title even looked more luxurious than Juventus who until now had not been able to reach it. Will the presence of Sarri be a guarantee for Juventus to win more championship trophies?


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