Italian League Results: Ronaldo 2 Goals, Juventus Draw Against Roma

Cristiano Ronaldo emerged as Juventus’ savior during a 2-2 draw against AS Roma in the Italian League continued match at the Stadio Olimpico, Monday (28/9).

Roma are the team that have the opportunity to excel early in the match. The home player, Henrikh Mkhitaryan managed to make a solo run but his shot can still be read by Wojciech Szczesny.

Roma then won a penalty in the 30th minute. The penalty was awarded after Jordan Veretout’s shot hit Adrien Rabiot’s hand in the penalty box.

Veretout, who takes the penalty, puts Roma ahead even though Szczesny can read his shot.

In the 43rd minute, it was Juventus’ turn to get a penalty after Cristiano Ronaldo’s pass was blocked by hand by Lorenzo Pellegrini. Ronaldo, who served as the executioner, did his job perfectly to make the score 1-1.

During injury time, Juventus conceded a goal through a counter-attack scheme built by Roma. The counter-attack started by Mkhitaryan was ended by Veretout by breaking into the Juventus goal.

In the second half, Roma had the opportunity to increase their lead to 3-1. However, the chances that Dzeko got after outwitting the Juventus defender only hit the goalpost.

Juventus’ efforts to equalize got heavier after Adrien Rabiot was sent off in the 62nd minute. The French midfielder got a second yellow card after breaking Mkhitaryan.

Juventus, who played with 10 people, didn’t just give up. Hard work to equalize paid off in the 70th minute.

Danilo’s cross was successfully met by Ronaldo’s header which shook AS Roma’s goal. The 2-2 score lasted until the second half ended.

Juventus failed to win against AS Roma in the Italian League, but Cristiano Ronaldo still made an impressive individual record.

Now Ronaldo has scored three goals in the Italian League for the 2020/2021 season. The additional two goals against Roma also added to Ronaldo’s overall scoring record.

Especially in the top five European leagues, Ronaldo has scored 450 goals. This number is the highest since 2003/2004, or since Ronaldo’s first season at Manchester United.

Since starting his professional career in the 2002/2003 season, Ronaldo has scored 453 goals. The first three goals were scored for Sporting, who are in the Portuguese league and out of the top five European leagues.

Ronaldo has scored the most domestic league goals while defending Real Madrid. For nine seasons with Los Blancos, Ronaldo scored 311 goals in 292 matches.

While at Manchester United, Ronaldo scored 84 goals in 196 matches. At Juventus, the owner of five Ballon d’Or titles has scored 55 goals in 66 matches.

Ronaldo is also listed as the player with the most goals in the Italian League since the 2018/2019 season or since his first season at Juventus.

In addition to contributing in the form of goals, Ronaldo was also involved in Juventus’ 69 goal processes in the Italian League.

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