Jose Mourinho Doesn’t Want to Talk about the VAR after 0-0 Draw with Watford

Jose Mourinho Talk about

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is still managing to cause controversy in the Premier League every weekend. VAR has affect each team so far this season and it is startling to see that three teams: Aston Villa, Chelsea and Wolves, have already lost two goals in this season.

Tottenham Hotspur continued their Premier League with a 0-0 draw against Watford at Vicarage Road. There is no doubt, there are countless incidents corrupted Jose Mourinho’s side during the match involved both teams.

Spurs manager Jose Mourinho made it clear that he would not discuss about the VAR. He believes his team deserved the win at Watford, but doesn’t want to be overly critical of the referee’s performance.

“I prefer not to answer,” Mourinho told to Sky Sports. “To talk about the VAR and the referee, and Mr. Oliver, and Mr. Kevin Friend, to talk about that… I go in one direction that I don’t want to go. I would have to start from minute one and not just from incident from that incident.

“I’d have to start from minute one, then I’d have to speak about that incident and then I’d have to speak about Capoue on Lo Celso. I’d have talk about a lot of things and I prefer not to.

“Good game, they fought hard for their point and we fought for more. But the technology that I love and respect in the game, the goal technology, never makes a mistake. By one centimetre, maybe one millimetre, we didn’t win but fall respect to the goal line technology.

VAR is an improvement to the game of football as we see the number of incorrect refereeing decisions decreasing substantially as they are now able to be overturned.

Some people have problems with it affecting the flow of the game, or fans being able to celebrate but they are not real problems. Fans will always celebrate when their team scores and the small amount of the goals that their team has overturned by VAR won’t change that.

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