Jose Mourinho Fails to Slow Down Liverpool

“The Special One” failed to fulfill his desire again to irritate Liverpool. In the 22nd week match of the English League which took place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Liverpool still could not be defeated.

Tottenham Hotspur which is now handled by Jose Mourinho will tarnish the Reds record by giving him the first defeat in the Premier League, but Tottenham Hotspur with The Special One has not been able to do that.

As is known, no single team has been able to beat Liverpool this season. Liverpool have only experienced one draw. Mourinho has the nightmare he gave Liverpool in the English Premier League season in 2014.

Liverpool at the time handled by Brendan Rodgers was running fast with 11 wins in a row. But they failed to get their 12th win in a row. At that time, Liverpool faced Chelsea who were handled by The Special One. Chelsea beat Liverpool by a score of 0-2.

The defeat hit Liverpool mentally. Victory that is in sight, so vanished. Manchester City was the one who finally won. That is why the match to the 22nd week was interesting. Is The Special One able to irritate Juergen Klopp who has a good record?

Tottenham Hotspur can not play its flagship Harry Kane because the England national team player was injured. However, Tottenham Hotspur can play Son Heung-Min again. The South Korean player was absent in the last three matches, because he was given a red card.

Liverpool’s only puppet victory goal came from Mohamed Salah who received a pass in front of the opponent’s penalty box. The Egyptian player continued the round leather to Roberto Firmino who ran into the penalty box. Firmino lifted the ball kicked by Sadio Mane and the ball hit the goal post.

Jordan Henderson heads with a bounce ball. The round skin approached Salah’s feet. Wrong pass the ball to Firmino. And Firmino fired hard which was lodged in the Hotspur goal that was escorted by Paulo Gazzaniga.

To verify, the referee asks the assistant (VAR) whether Henderson handball. Apparently not. As a result Liverpool won 1-0 in the 37th minute. Until the break the score remained. Entering the second round, many opportunities occur from both teams. However, until the referee blew the long whistle the game was over, the score 1-0 remained to belong to Liverpool.

As a result, Liverpool is getting stronger at the top of the standings with 61 points. Even the distance with the second rank Leicester City widened. Because in the other match at King Power Stadium, Leicester City were humiliated at home by Southampton with a score of 1-2.

Liverpool’s victory was the 12th time in a row. “Treble Winner” has been won by Liverpool, their speed has not stumbled, they have the potential to win the Premier League title this season, after three decades they are thirsty. Their last champion was in 1989.

Match or even exceed the unbeaten record in the Premier League. During this time Arsenal still hold it, which is 49 times undefeated. Arsenal in the hands of Arsene Wenger carved it in the 2003-2004 period. Thus, Liverpool need 12 more matches to match it.

Achievement of 61 points from 21 matches (and one game remaining) until week 22 makes Liverpool the team with the most points in a season in the top five European leagues, according to Opta.

“This record is definitely extraordinary, I have to think about it in the next five years, this is just the beginning, the opponents are very tough,” Klopp said. In the match earlier, the German coach said his team should win with more goals. Ending with an exciting match that is predicted by Mourinho will irritate Liverpool again, but it won’t work.

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