Jose Mourinho Reaches 1000th Game in His Career

Usually, for a professional player the number of matches played is a note that should be appreciated. The more professional matches that have been played, the more proud a player can be of that achievement.

The messages vary for managerial career. It can indicate the quality possessed by the player. Also, it can speak of the trust placed in the player. The same applies to a coach. The more professional matches faced, the higher the appreciation given to the coach. It can show the positive reputation attached to the coach, including the qualities he has.

Jose Mourinho must be proud of his achievements in playing his 1000th game as a coach. This achievement occurred when his team, AS Roma faced Sassuolo in the 3rd week of the Italian Serie A League.

Mou’s achievement looks special. This shows his reputation as a coach who deserves respect, also shows his quality as a coach that is owned by the world of football today. From a total of 1000 matches that Mou has faced, he has won 637 matches, 205 draws and 157 defeats. This record shows that Mou is seen as a coach who brings more good results to the team he coaches than defeats.

It became very pleasing for Mou when his achievement in 1000 matches was marked by the victory of the team he coached. AS Roma managed to win thin and dramatic over Sassuolo (2-1) at the Stadio Olimpico.

No doubt, Mou also expressed his joy over this victory like a child rather than a 58-year-old man. Also, this victory also support Mou’s reputation. Coming as a coach who was sacked by Tottenham a few months ago, Mou is trying to improve his reputation with AS Roma in the Italian League Serie A.

Italian Serie A is not a new place for Mou. This Portuguese coach had coached Inter Milan in the 2008-10 season. In his coaching era at Inter, Mou managed to bring Inter to the treble. The only team in Italy to have ever tasted the treble.

Because of his achievements with Inter, Real Madrid was attracted to recruit him to the Santiago Bernabeu. Madrid assesses Mou as the right person to destroy Barcelona’s glorious era under Pep Guardiola’s hands. Sure enough, Pep looks a bit difficult when he meets Mou.

Various achievements have decorated Mou’s journey. A total of 33 titles that have been achieved by Mou with several teams, starting from his homeland Portugal, England, Italy, and Spain. Hence, it is no exaggeration to judge Mou’s achievement is something that will be difficult for many coaches to achieve.

The 58-year-old coach started his coaching career in Portugal. To be precise, he coached Benfica in 2000. In addition, he also coached Uniao de Leiria. From Leiria, Mou was signed to Porto. Mou’s reputation was lifted when he managed to bring Porto to the Champions League trophy.

Because of this achievement, English Premier League club Chelsea bought him as coach. 3 seasons at Chelsea, Mou appeared as a coach who was very liked by the fans. After that, Mou then coached Inter Milan. His reputation was even more classy with the treble he won with Inter Milan.

From Inter Milan, Mou went to Real Madrid. After 3 seasons at Madrid, Chelsea re-signed Mou in 2013. Although very close to Chelsea, Mou also opened the door for Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. In these two Premier League clubs, Mou does not get too much support from the club’s supporters. The fate is the same, namely being fired.

The dismissal has become part of Mou’s career. If dismissals have occurred frequently, reputation can also be affected. Big clubs would be reluctant to recruit him as a coach. After being sacked by Tottenham last season, Mou returned to Italy and took over AS Roma.

This trip to AS Roma could be an opportunity for Mou to re-lift his image of “the Special One” which has begun to fade due to previous difficult experiences, especially at MU and Tottenham. AS Roma is considered brave to bring Mou to the Olimpico. AS Roma’s courage gave positive results. 3 matches with 3 wins in Serie A Italy.

AS Roma managed to be at the top of the Italian League standings with AC Milan and Napoli. Hence, AS Roma’s dream of winning the Scudetto is not just wishful thinking. That can become a reality when considering Mou’s reputation as a coach, especially his success in the Italian League Serie A.

However, Mou does not want to set grandiose targets in the Italian Serie A. Mou is aware that achieving achievements for AS Roma is not an instant result. It requires a process that needs to be carefully evaluated. Mou is right. A new competition season has begun. 3 wins from 3 weeks of competition cannot be the main standard in judging AS Roma’s journey in Serie

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