Khabib Says He Could Be to Fight Ferguson in August

Khabib Says He Could Be

Khabib Numagomedov said he could be to fight Tony Ferguson in August after their UFC 249 bout was cancelled. The UFC lightweight champion won’t fight his opponent in April 18 after he was not willing to leave Russia for the fight.

According to reports, UFC has already suspended three events after officials were unable to find the venues to stage fights due restrictions put in place to stop the coronavirus outbreak.

“June, July, two months, then August I can fight. I hear the UFC wants to make a show in San Francisco in August. If not, let’s fight in Abu Dhabi middle of September or fight now, before Ramadan. April, 18 we’re supposed to fight, but where? This is the question.” Khabib said.

“I believe we’re going to fight, I swear to God. I don’t know, but I have a feeling we’re going to fight. Just wait. We’re going to fight. I really believe nobody wants this fight like me. I swear. Nobody wants this fight like I want this fight.” Khabib added.

Meanwhile Conor McGregor has opened up the possibility of a rematch with Khabib in this year. The last the Irishman was in the Octagon in lightweight title fight was against “The Eagle” in 2018. And UFC president Dana White really wants this rematch happen next.

“UFC tried to make a McGregor rematch. I tell them: ‘This guy don’t deserve it. Bye-bye.’ I can make with this chicken five times more money than with Tony Ferguson, and you know most people, they don’t know about Tony Ferguson.” Khabib said.

“A lot of people want to watch name versus name. This is not about skills versus skills. Very small people understand this. This is why I take this fight, because of legacy. I chose this fight. I really want to fight right now, this is not my mistake.” Khabib added.

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