Khabib vs Ferguson Can Be Watched by Eight People

UFC President Dana White is ready to do everything possible to hold a duel of Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson at UFC 249, April 18, including if you have to do it with eight spectators.

White and UFC had difficulty finding the UFC 249 battle venue which involved Khabib vs Ferguson. Initially the battle will be held at Barclays Arena, New York, but it is certain to fail due to local government policies that prohibit activities involving many people.

Speaking to ESPN, White remained confident Khabib vs Ferguson would be held on schedule. White said the UFC would hold the duel in accordance with the United States government’s instructions, namely to hold a battle with only eight spectators.

“We will follow the appeal that does not allow more than ten people in one room, and we hope to ensure everything before April,” White was quoted as saying by The Sun.

“The fight [Khabib vs Ferguson] will occur, there are no spectators, whatever is needed. Maybe it will not be held in the United States, but the battle will occur,” continued White.

Earlier US President Donald Trump called on people to avoid gathering more than ten people in one room for the prevention of the corona virus.

Thus if White forces the duel of Khabib vs Ferguson to remain in the United States, the battle will only be witnessed by eight people. The eight people were also likely to be filled with referees, judges, and doctors and officials of both fighters.

White also ensures that the UFC will not be destroyed by a corona virus outbreak. The 50-year-old said the UFC would be the first sporting event to emerge amid a corona virus.

“We have not laid off one person at UFC. Each fight we will perform three times this year. Our schedule continues. All will be paid, we will find a way, and we will be the first sport to return,” White said.

Dana White was angry and criticized the media for continuing to criticize Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson’s duel plan at UFC 249 in the shadow of the corona virus outbreak.

In White’s eyes, the media that criticized him were the weakest and most hated people in the world. Dana White said the fight Khabib vs Ferguson will continue to be held in accordance with local government procedures.

“I have more than 350 employees working for me. A multimillion-dollar company is laying off all their employees at the moment. We have not laid off any people at UFC,” White said through an Instagram account quoted by the Daily Mail.

“And every fight that fights for me will duel three times this year. Our schedule will continue. Everyone will be paid, and we will find out, and we will be the number one sport again,” White added.

Dana White did not forget to criticize the media, which he said could not preach anything at will. The 50-year-old also stressed that UFC has safe procedures including medical tests, even before the corona virus appeared.

“We take care of people and make sure everyone is healthy, and every fighter with me gets better medical care than at home,” White said.

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