Kindness of a Romelu Lukaku in the Midst of Pandemic Covid-19

Corona virus is certainly a serious concern of the world today because it has a serious impact on various aspects of life and also impacts the heart of football stars. Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku is the latest footballer to contribute funds to help deal with the Corona virus. Lukaku donated 100,000 euros to a hospital in Milan.

The European country most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Italy is going through very difficult times. Lombardy, in the north of the country, has become the first center before the spread of the virus in other parts of Italy. This very serious health crisis plunged entire countries into captivity, such as in Spain and France. Romelu Lukaku, who is very close to the country, made a large donation to the Milan hospital.

Inter Milan striker donates 100,000 euros to the city hospital, San Raffaele Hospital. This donation movement was conveyed by the club in a video posted on its official website. “Italy is an extraordinary country that has done so much good for me and my family. This is why I want to help this country,” said Romelu Lukaku, who was very touched by the dramatic situation at the moment.

Romelu Lukaku himself is currently isolating himself in his apartment as part of the anticipation of the Corona / Covid-19 virus spread. The 26-year-old man even claimed to miss returning to the field. His longing was certainly reasonable, given that before the Corona / Covid-19 virus outbreak struck, Lukaku was enjoying his first season in Italy with Inter. He has scored 23 goals in 35 matches for Inter so far.

“I can’t get out, I can’t practice. It’s been nine days (I’m inside). They gave me a bicycle because the other (Inter) players lived in the center of town in small apartments,” Lukaku said as reported by the Daily Mail. “We can no longer relate to fellow humans. I miss training and appearing in front of the fans,” he added.

Football activities in Italy are currently stopped until the 3rd April 2020. This was done because the corona virus outbreak infected the State of the Pizza Tower and continued to cause casualties. The latest, as many as 15 players from Serie A teams also tested positive for the Corona / Covid-19 virus. To prevent further outbreaks of the disease, all clubs in Italy are advised to quarantine the players for two weeks.

Thank you, Lukaku for your great gestures. We hope that Serie A competition will be continuing very soon.


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