LeBron James is keen to own an NBA team

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James on Saturday said, he does not have the ultimate ambition of owning an NBA team, like former NBA star, Michael Jordan, who took control of the Charlotte Hornets in 2010.

The 34-year-old American also said being a team owner is not a personal dream, but he could do it in the near future.

“I think if I wanted to become a homeowner or be part of a group that controls a team, I could do it. It has to be the right combination, the right city, the right situation.” James said.

“[Being a team owner] is not a personal dream, it’s more of an aspiration. If that never happens, I would not be disappointed and it will not spoil everything I’ve done in the field.

“I know so much about our sport that once my playing career is over, I will not get away from basketball. I will be at the side of my sons who play basketball, but I would also be happy to contribute in one way or another to perpetuate the current success of this League.” James added.

The triple NBA champion is the NBA’s highest paid player with estimated earnings in 2018 at $ 88.7 million, according to American media Forbes.

James fortune is estimated at $ 450 million, thanks to his lifetime partnership with the giant Nike. He has already begun his conversion by creating a company producing films, documentaries and games for television. He also invested in a growing pizza chain in the United States

Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan (Source:www.businessinsider.com)

Jordan, the legend of the Chicago Bulls, bought Charlotte’s team for $ 175 million. The franchise, boosted like all the others by the explosion of TV rights, is now worth $ 1.25 billion.

I do not think] to the eventual acquisition of a team] every day. I still have a lot of games to play. There are still many seasons in front of me with the Lakers jersey on the back.” James said.

Asked if James deserves credit even helping Lakers to a chance of the playoffs, Max Kellerman said: “If he [James] somehow with a five or six per cent chance of reaching playoffs with this crew in the Western Conference, it’s incredible. He, of course, gets extra credit for that.”

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