Leclerc “happy” with Vettel in 2021

Leclerc good with Vettel in 2021

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari young driver, is “happy” with the idea of Sebastian Vettel staying at Ferrari for 2021 and beyond.

Leclerc rejected the notions of unhealthy relationship with his Formula 1 team mate. He insisted that both of them enjoy a much better alliance with him than portrayed.

Vettel, who enjoyed the Italian outfit on the Formula 1 tracks, have started negotiations with the team to stay beyond 2020. The new terms of engagement are being discussed since winter last year.

The future of Vettel remains in uncertain waters because of COVID-19 situation engulfing the sport. Vettel insisted on a decision before the start of the season.

Leclerc was handed over a four year deal after high performance in his debut season with Ferrari. He is confident about his position in Ferrari and has been welcoming to Vettel staying at Ferrari despite an uneasy relationship in past.

“I’m very happy with Seb,” Leclerc said. “I think it was good, even though we had a few problems on track like in Brazil or things like this.

“I think it has always been a good relationship, even though from the outside it was probably not seen as it was.

“So I’ll be happy to keep him, but I will respect the decision for whoever is next to me.

“And at the end, it’s my job to adapt to the person next to me and you can always learn from whoever is your team-mate.

“So I would welcome anybody, but if Seb stays I will definitely be happy.”

Leclerc Hamilton Ferrari

Reports suggesting Mercedes leaving Formula 1 had provided fuel to speculations suggesting Hamilton moving to Ferrari. But now it does not seems probable.

Leclerc commented on Hamilton sticking to Mercedes: “I’m happy for him, if he thinks so and feels himself in the right place.

“I am happy where I am. The team of my dreams has always been Ferrari, I just want to bring my team where it deserves and to win.”

COVID-19 has hit teams financially. Leclerc is very open to helping Ferrari with a pay cut.

“I think it is right thing to do considering this particular moment and considering all the difficulties that we are all experiencing,” he explained.

“We are going to need to adapt to the circumstances.”

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