Leclerc: Not too hard on myself for Monaco

Leclerc wont be harsh on himelf over Monaco incident

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari Formula 1 driver, says he won’t give himself a harsh time over Monaco incident. He crashed during the qualifying session at Monaco Grand Prix, which ripped him off of racing at home.

The Monégasque racing driver took provisional pole during Q3. Later, in last lap he went into the barriers while damaging the right hand side of the car.

Red flag was raised which stopped other drivers from marking their last lap time. It helped Leclerc to take the pole despite crashing his Ferrari.

Ferrari team decided not to change Leclerc’s car gearbox. The team decided to race from pole by repairing the the car. However, during formation he reported mechanical issues and the left hand driver shaft was found damaged.

The team could not manage to repair the car in time, which led to Leclerc’s failure to start from pole position.

“Of course you can always learn whenever things are not going the way you want to. But I feel like I’ve done a good job this weekend anyway,” Leclerc said on Sunday night.

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“In the last attempt of Q3 I just tried a bit too much and and went into the wall, which are things that can happen in Monaco.

“It has happened in the past and many times I’m very very harsh with myself. But if there was any time during the weekend where I had to push especially Q3 in Monaco, it’s part of the game.

“So yeah, you can always learn from it, but I am not too harsh on myself for that.”

Leclerc admitted that the failure to start the race was a big blow to him. Because starting from pole could have helped him winning the race.

“Of course it’s difficult because it’s at home. It’s not every day that we have the chance to be in such a good place,” said Leclerc.

“At the end it’s like this, it’s part of motorsports and these things can happen.

“As [team boss] Mattia [Binotto] said, what I’ll try to remember from this weekend is all the positive signs we’ve had, we are coming back from quite far if we see last year, so we’ve done a good job by improving race after race.

“Here it might be a one-off to be fighting for the win. But that doesn’t mean that there has been no progress.

“So we are we are on the good road. We are working well and surely the luck was not my side this weekend. And it’s life, I’ll just get over it.”

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