Leclerc: Vettel unaffected by contract expiry


Charles Leclerc had earlier hinted about his team mate Seabstian Vettel’s probable farewell from Ferrari.

Leclerc has been confident about his position at Ferrari. He has reiterated its support for any decision taken by Ferrari to hook him with any new face next year.

The 22 year old driver was very positive about his team mate. He thinks that Vettel won’t be affected by Ferrari’s contract expiry. He expects the German driver to be “very strong”.

Leclerc, a rising star of Formula 1, outperformed four times world champion Vettel during their fist season in 2019. He outshined many in his debut Ferrari session and finished fourth on driver championship outscoring Vettel.

Leclerc managed to find his first two victories in Belgium and Italy GP. His performance forced Ferrsro to secure talent for a longer period providing Leclerc with a contract validity up-to 2024.

Vettel’s future has been discussed recently as his engagements with Ferrari will end with this season. But Leclerc insisted that such issues won’t affect his performance during the season.

“I feel very lucky to be in a position where I have a long-term contract, and I’m happy to be in this position,” Leclerc said.

“I also know his position in a way, as my last two years I only had a one-year contract.

“I don’t think it will destabilise him so much. He’s a very strong driver, and I expect him to be very strong anyway.”

For 2021, Vettel will be a preference for Ferrari and the team is willing to retain him. However, Renault also showed its interest to acquire another talent on tbe team if and only if he is made available for .

Leclerc was asked for a opinion on the matter and his preference for a team mate. He said: “I’m very good with him by my side.

“But I would respect Ferrari’s decision in case they want to change.”

Ferrari was lucky to find two talented drivers on its team. But it resulted in two alphas fighting for crown and eventually resulted in retiring from Brazilian Grand Prix after a big clash between the two.

However, both drivers have down played the clash and insisted that they are on good terms.

“Last year there have been some tricky moments, but our relationship stayed the same,” Leclerc said.”I think is a good thing, that we are both mature enough to do the separation between what happens on-track and out of the track.”

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