Leicester City Broke Establishment of EPL’s Big Six Team

Since the English Premier League 2009/2010 season ended, and Tottenham Hotspur managed to seal the top 4 positions, then the following season, Manchester City finished third in the 2010/2011 season. English League competition began to change from big four to big six. Previously, since Roman Abramovich acquired Chelsea in 2003 and Chelsea coach, Jose Mourinho presented the English League title in the 2004/2005 season, then followed by Liverpool’s success in winning the Champions League in 2005.

The racehorse hunts for the champions of the English League and the fight for the top 4 positions controlled by the big four, 4 major English League teams namely Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.Long befo re, since the Premier League era began in 1992/1993 until the 2003/2004 season the English League title race was only enlivened by Manchester United and Arsenal. Both teams competed to win titles, during the season Manchester United won 8 titles, Arsenal won 3 titles. And only 1 title was won by another team, Blackburn Rovers in the 1994/1995 season.

The English league has grown into a football industry that is favored by fans from various parts of the world and foreign investors. The era of the big four, too, has changed to the big six after Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City participated in the competition for the title of the English League Champion and the Champions League 4 big tickets.

Yes, since the 2009/2010 season until the 2018/2019 season or the last 10 Premier League fans have always been served the same menu, namely the menu named big six: Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. In fact, the three teams that were named first, took turns becoming the Premier League champions during the last 10 seasons.

That’s what Claudio Ranieri did when he brought in the Leicester City as Cinderella champions in the 2015/2015 season. Yes, at that time Leicester City broke through the establishment and defeated the big six team. In the 2015/2015 season there were 3 big six teams, who were thrown from the top 4, Manchester United ranked 5th, Liverpool ranked 8th and Chelsea scattered 10th.

When they won the Premier League, Leicester City only relied on players such as K. Schmeichel, R. Huth, C. Fuchs, D. Drinkwater, N. Kante, R. Mahrez, J. Vardy and S. Okazaki added to the strategy mix of the coach and sprinkled with unyielding zeal by continuing to run spartan and ending with a deadly counterattack, which led the Cinderella team to champions.

Mentioning the name of the Cinderella team, it is very fitting to describe the condition of Leicester City when they won. Because, it is very difficult to repeat the same success to win the English League again. Over the past 10 seasons the big six has been very strong, dominating the top 4 positions each season.

However, in this season 2019/2020 Leicester City under the care of Brendan Rodgers is trying to complete the storyline of the Cinderella Part II team. Until the 11th week, Leicester City is ranked third far behind Manchester United, who are scattered in 10th place and Tottenham Hotspur in 11th.

After selling, H. Maguire went to Manchester United and made him the world’s most expensive defender. Pandit of world football does not predict Leicester City will be in the top 3 positions until Week 11.

For big six team lovers, this news is certainly not fun because there will be 3 big six teams who are eliminated from the hunt for tickets to the Champions League next season. But for neutral fans, this news is certainly fun because there is a team that is a bother to the comfort of the big six team this season.

The appropriateness of Leicester City taking part in the title race or at least enlivening the race for the top 4 positions will be tested this weekend, by entertaining Arsenal at King Power Stadium. Of course the final results of this fight, not a benchmark because the new English League is in November.

However, if in March 2020 Leicester City are still in the top 4, then get ready for big six team fans because there will be 3 big six teams thrown from the Champions League. This means that there are 3 major English League teams that did not qualify for the Champions League in the 2020/2021 season.


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