Lewandowski, Bayern’s Goal Machine

Bayern Munich have certainly won the 30th German league title by beating Werder Bremen 1-0 when they travel to Weser Stadion. Robert Lewandowski is a figure who brought excellence in the standings as Bundesliga champions. The FC Hollywood striker still leads the top score in the highest competition in Germany.

Bayern Munich, who have confirmed the title since the 32nd Spieltag, finally closed the competition by winning the match against host Wolfsburg in the final Bundesliga match on last Saturday. Die Roten only insists they finished first in the Bundesliga standings with 82 points from 34 matches.

Compete at the Volkswagen Arena, Bayern won 4-0 over host Wolfsburg, through goals scored by Kingsley Coman (4 ‘), Michael Cuisance (37′), Robert Lewandowski (72’-penalty) and Thomas Mueller (79 ‘). For Lewandowski, this is his 34th goal in the German League stage this season. As well as being the top scorer this season, beating Timo Werner in second place with 28 goals.

The official release of Bundesliga.com, The Bavarians collected a total of 82 points. Difference of 13 points from second place Borussia Dortmund with a total of 69 points. While the next two ranks are RB Leipzig with 66 points and Borussia Monchengladbach with 65 points. Those with the top 4 positions are entitled to qualify for the Champions League competition next year.

Head coach Hansi Flick should be proud of this result. Many observers gave a thumbs up with a touch of his cold hand so that Bayern won the title again. Flick had a real influence on Die Roten’s squad. He has managed to find an intelligent way of guidance since taking over in November last year to replace Niko Kovac.

Hansi Flick, born in Heidelberg on February 24, 1965, was previously an assistant manager accompanying Nico Kovac. Appointed manager on contract starting 3 Nov 2019 – 30 June 2023. In November 2019, Bayern suffered its biggest defeat in a decade, which was slaughtered 1-5 by Eintracht Frankfurt.

This shameful defeat made Niko Kovac lose his job.Then Hansi Flick took over, Bayern were unbeaten ever since and won the last 11 league games in a row. They also remained focused on the two-month break due to the coronavirus pandemic. As the competition rolled back, their most important moment was to defeat Dortmund last month to overcome the last major obstacle on the way to the championship ladder.

Bayern Munich secured their eighth consecutive title this year and the figure of their striker Robert Lewandowski has been named the top scorer of the season. He also holds the most number of shots, 133 shots this season.

Meanwhile Timo Werner came in second with 28 goals and Jadon Sancho with 17 goals. King of the Bundesliga Asis this year is Thomas Muller with 21 assist followed by Jadon Sancho 16 assist. Bayern’s title may still increase when they enter the final at the DFB Cup. They will fight for the Trophy against Bayer Leverkusen on Sunday (5/7/20) at 01.00 WIB.

Also in the Champions League, FC Hollywood was in the last 16 and in the first leg 3-0 win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Just one step away from qualifying for the quarter-finals which took place mid August 2020. Seeing the performance of Hansi Flick’s squad many who championed him as a Champions League candidate to compete with Manchester City, Juventus and Barcelona.

Robert Lewandowski’s action and Hansi Flick’s concoction have been awaited by Die Roten’s fans in their next match. Congratulations for Bayern Munich winning the Bundesliga championship in 2020.


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