Lewis Hamilton: “I’m Just a Human”

Lewis Hamilton: “I’m Just a Human”

Lewis Hamilton admitted he may not always get it right following his critical comments at the Russian GP, ​​but says he’s ‘just human’ and vowed to learn from a week -end frustrating.

After receiving two separate 5-second penalties for making start practice in an illegal zone before the race in Sochi last Sunday, the Broton, who finished third, called the decision “ridiculous” and said the stewards of the FIA ​​were just trying to hold him back in his quest for a seventh title.

Following his comments, Lewis Hamilton explained himself on social media and sort of offered an official apology to the FIA ​​members.

“I may not always be able to cope with adversity. I might not always react the way you want when the tension is high, but after all, I’m just a human being, and I’m passionate about what I do.” Hamilton wrote.

“I learn and grow every time day. I learn lessons and I keep fighting. Thanks to those who continue to support me and to those who fight by my side. Still we rise!” he added.

The Mercedes team, whose radio instructions played a big part in the stewards decision to impose two penalties on Hamilton, supported the Briton after the race.

Asked about the criticism made by Hamilton, Team Manager Toto Wolff said: “I think Lewis has faced a lot of adversity in his life and for all of us the penalty seems a bit harsh.

“Never before has an offense in a pre-race or reconnaissance lap been sanctioned by a race penalty. Things go badly against him sometimes. I guess if you are the best pilot you have to take it.” Wolff said.

In the end, Lewis Hamilton was penalised two times five seconds, but did not receive any penalty points on his super license.

A few hours after the finish of the race, the FIA ​​Stewards made the decision to return his points to Hamilton and instead impose a fine of 25,000 euros on the Mercedes team for giving him the wrong instructions in the race radio before the race.

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