Lewis Hamilton Rejects Great Role in the New Top Gun Film

Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton now is starting to get a lot of attention from film directors. According to reports, the Brit was forced to turn down role in the new Top Gun film after retirement as F1 driver. However, he has shut down the rumours.

Speaking for the first time on the project Hollywood, Hamilton said the reason behind him rejecting the project was that he has no time to do any filming.

“I was trying to get in Top Gun because I’m a massive fan of Top Gun, but I didn’t have time to do any filming. I had an opportunity to do it and I couldn’t do it. It would take up my whole winter, so I wouldn’t get a break, so that’s the difficult thing that I’m struggling with right now.” Hamilton said.

“If you saw my calendar, it’s super heavy-loaded and I’m trying to take days out to give myself some time back. At the end of the year, you really want to relax and I have all these things I want to do.

“But you have always got to keep an eye on the most important thing and the ultimate goal and that’s being the best in F1. If I am not winning here, then all the other things just get squidgy.” Hamilton added.

When asked about his rivals Ferrari in F1 races, the 34-year-old champion admitted that the Scuderia had a good car at the beginning season. But Mercedes now is smiling at the end of the race and the Silver Arrows securing their sixth consecutive constructors’ world championship.

“We got to the beginning of the year and people thought we were talking ourselves down and not showing our true performance. In actual fact, it was a reality. Ferrari had a good car in the beginning, perhaps it just wasn’t working that great earlier on in the season.” Hamilton said.

“Punching out these performances weekend in, weekend out for us guys, it’s such a hard task, and I think people underestimate and undervalue how hard that is. Perhaps other athletes would understand because they go from competition to competition.

“People turn on the TV and see a few hours of our weekend, but there’s a massive amount of work that goes on in the background. It’s just trying to keep the team motivated, steering them in the right direction, because you can easily go in the wrong direction.” he added.

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