Liverpool is on Luck If Timo Werner is Joined

Liverpool will be very lucky if it can really bring in Timo Werner. The German striker is one of the best names in the transfer market, a line of top clubs are ready to take him from RB Leipzig.

Liverpool are in a better position compared to other top clubs. Imagine, Werner himself had directly expressed his admiration for Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp.

Werner might not have been a full-fledged star player, but he has a lot of potential and already met many criteria. For that reason, Werner is the best choice if Klopp wants to strengthen the current squad.

Werner is still 24 years old and has scored various kinds of goals. He can play in multiple positions, not only as a pure striker but he can also play as a winger.

In general, Werner would be very suitable to be the new Liverpool mainstay striker. Moreover, Express Sport analyzes that Werner has every ability possessed by the three legendary Liverpool attackers.

The three legends are Luis Suarez, Fernando Torres, and Dirk Kuyt. Based on the analysis, the play style of these three attackers can be seen in Werner.

Luis Suarez

First of all, Werner likes to take the ball in the opponent’s defense. This is similar to the style of Suarez, Uruguay striker who hooked chasing the ball and pressing the line of opposing defenders.

Suarez was also known for his lethal scoring abilities, he was a cold-blooded finisher. Same with Werner, he is one of the best strikers in the Bundesliga.

Fernando Torres

Like Torres, Werner likes to use the empty space behind the line of opposing defenders. His movements change too quickly, which makes it difficult for opposing defenders to participate in changing their position.

Also, Torres used to be known for his moves on the left side, then stabbed in the middle to score. Werner too, he is a striker who often picks up the ball.

Dirk Kuyt

Kuyt is a different type of attacker with the two names above, but his playing style is favored by Liverpool fans. The similarity between Werner and Kuyt is its flexibility.

Kuyt can play in a 4-2-2 formation, or as a number 9 striker, or as a number 10. Werner is dominant as a striker, but he has played on the left wing a number of times this season.

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