Looking bad, Maguire begging not remove out by Solskjaer

The world’s most expensive defender, Harry Maguire, has reportedly asked Ole Gunnar Solskjaer not to remove him from the Manchester United squad. Harry appeared oddly with United at the start of this season and received a red card while defending the England national team.

Maguire is said to have asked Solskjaer to continue to play in the next Red Devils matches. He already firmly doesn’t want Solskjaer to throw him out of the squad, according to the Daily Mail.

The Manchester United captain is reported to have fully committed to Manchester United after returning from defending the England national team.

He is not considering taking time off and is looking to stay on Solskjaer’s starting list.

Manchester United itself is faced with four tough matches in the next two weeks. Starting against Newcastle United tonight, continuing to travel to Paris against PSG on October 20 in the Champions League.

After that, Manchester United also had to face Chelsea on October 24 and Arsenal on November 1. Of course given the difficult schedule, Solskjaer needs to consider Maguire who is in a bad period. So far, the former Leicester City has not performed according to expectations.

As stated by Manchester United legend, Rio Ferdinand. According to him, Maguire needs to be rested for a while so that Manchester United can achieve maximum results.

“I think it’s clear to see him having a bit of a bad period at the moment. In situations like this sometimes you need to be taken out of the ‘oven’,” he said.

“Ole has a big job on his hands and I think a pretty important role for him to play in this. Is it time to give him a little rest, let him calm down,” added Ferdinand.

Maguire has so far not shown a good performance which makes him deserving of being very expensive when he was bought from Leicester City.

His appearance has often received criticism from Red Devil fans. Several times he actually caused trouble for his team-mates when there was chaos in front of David De Gea’s goal which resulted in a goal for the opponent.

Most recently when defending the England national team against Denmark he was sent off when the first half was not over.

The referee gave him a second yellow card, aka a red card, for being considered a violation of his own carelessness on 31 minutes.

England also lost 0-1 and Maguire was in the spotlight.

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