Luka Jovic: Smart Players Play with the Brain

Real Madrid’s new striker, Luka Jovic, said that he was not the type of player who relied on physical strength. Luka Jovic describes himself as a smart player who plays with the brain, not muscles.

Luka Jovic will start becoming a Real Madrid player in the upcoming 2019/20 season. He was introduced to the fans at the Bernabeu. However, it is not known what number of the back will be used.

Real Madrid buys Luka Jovic at a price that is not cheap. The Serbian player was redeemed at a price of 75 million euros from Frankfurt. At this price, the demand for Luka Jovic is certainly very high.

“I like smart players and that is why I try to play with my brain,” said Luka Jovic at 11 Freunde.

“When I was 15 years old, I played against an 18-year-old player and scored 40 goals in one season. Physical strength really helped me compete with opponents,” said the Serbian man.

“Now, I’m not a fighter who can spin like a rocket for 90 minutes. I like simple games in football. I only want to wear muscles when I can’t play with my brain,” he stressed.

The name Luka Jovic began to shine while still playing Frankfurt. The 2017/18 season is his first season in the Bundesliga. Under the control of Niko Kovac, he immediately caught the eye. Jovic acknowledged that Niko Kovac had an important role in his professional career.

“Niko Kovac helped me to be on the right track. He would not let me rest for a while in the training session. He always demands greater,” Luka Jovic said.

“I am very grateful to Niko Kovac. He is a very important coach for me. Thanks to him I can be a better player, also a better person,” said the former Benfica player.

Niko Kovac and Luka Jovic will defend different flags next season. Luka Jovic moved to Real Madrid. While Niko Kovac will still be a coach for Bayern Munich.

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