Manchester City, Newcastle United, and Oasis Forecast

In recent weeks, it has been increasingly heard that the takeover of Newcastle United (NU) soon became a reality, shortly after the Consortium of Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) and Mike Ashley, the owner of NU, agreed to pay £ 300 million.

The giant fell asleep, maybe that’s a suitable term pinned on the team founded in 1892, it is undeniable that NU is a super team full of star players, at least that’s the reality depicted in the film directed by Danny Cannon directed by Goal, where one of the the star player is Santiago Munez. Names such as Alan Shearer, Shay Given, Andy Cole, Les Ferdinand and the last recorded Demba Ba with their typical celebrations have also defended this Black-White jersey team.

Reflecting on the successful Manchester City team which was transformed into an elite Premiere League team after it was acquired by Sheikh Mansour the football public deserves to guess the same thing will happen to the club based in Saint James Park, infinite splash of money will gradually make this club a giant who awoke from his deep sleep.

Traditionally, the history and achievements of the Magpies were better in the English league compared to Manchester Blue before the Syeh Mansyur Al-Nahyan era with its Abu Dhabi United Group, and so were the assets recorded in MBS bin Abdul Aziz with its Saudi Public Investment Fund in the form of rich tajir far above His Highness Sheikh Mansour Al-Nahyan.

Citizens and the residents of the Premiere League’s top flight deserve to feel alarmed at the future, remembering that the map of the Big Five will soon change. This season City are struggling with a gaping point gap (25 points), but please remember that Pep Guardiola’s team has a winning mentality, they are only slow to get hot at the beginning of the season and are often hampered by Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology, at least this is what City fans often complain about.

But no doubt that Manchester City will immediately rise despite the threat of two seasons without progress in the Champions League in front of their eyes. This season Manchester City may be relieved of the might of Liverpool, but next season City certainly do not want any more start wrong at the start of the season.

The English league week was paused due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Manchester City must immediately clean up, they must be introspective because they can no longer be proud of the abundance of property, besides the Fair Play Financial policy that continues to lurk, now the Magpies come with injections of fresh blood. On the other hand the mighty Liverpool, MU began to clean up success, Spurs, Leicester, Chelsea are very persistent and unwilling to be thrown from the Champions League zone

The dispute between NU and City in the Premiere League was predicted by the band Oasis 25 years ago. The band, led by Duo Gallagher Brothers, fans of Manchester City “predicted” in their video clip in the song The Masterplan, in the video clip seemed depicted boisterous excitement of the match between Manchester City and NU from outside the Maine Road stadium.

In terms of politics, the Bani Saud Dynasty and the Arab Emirate are close allies, so it is worth the wait for the competition between the two Middle Eastern Princes in playing Fantasy Football games in the real world. There is no exaggeration if there are predictions that both of them will be ranked 1st and 2nd place throughout the season and following one another, a Middle-East derby filled with a sprinkling of prestige-laden stars, Match will take place at Etihad Stadium and Saint James Park. One thing related to Newcastle headquarters is not impossible that will be renovated and changed its name to Saudi Stadium or maybe even Sultan Stadium, we will never know.

It will be interesting to see in the future how this rumors developed and we will see soon whether the acquisition will bring positive result for Newcastle United and in broader view, England Premier’s League fans.


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