Manchester United is the richest club in the Premier League

Manchester United richest club in the world

Manchester United may only be able to finish sixth in the Premier League 2018/19 standings, but they still top the list of the richest teams in the league. MU failed to win a single trophy, but at least they had a lot of money.

Yes, this season is one of the disastrous seasons for MU. They have never performed consistently since the start of the season, the change of coach has to be done, but it has not changed anything. MU again failed to secure the big four, even ranked worst among The Big Six.

MU failure is clearly a big blow. They failed to secure a place in the Champions League while trying to build a squad. That is, it could be MU still running in the place next season.

So, in the midst of the disappointment, there is one good news that should be considered. MU is rich, has a lot of money to get their target players

Richest League Based on Income
Premier League // € 5.44bn (£ 4.80bn)
Bundesliga // € 3.168bn (£ 2.79bn)
La Liga // € 3,073bn (£ 2.71bn)
Serie A // € 2.22bn (£ 1.96bn)
Ligue 1 // € 1.69bn (£ 1.49bn)
Championship // € 849m (£ 749m)
Russian Premier League // € 813m (£ 717m)
Turkish Super Lig // € 731m (£ 645m)
Dutch Eredivisie // € 495m (£ 437m)
Portugal Primeira Liga // € 431m (£ 380m)
Scottish Premiership // (€ 233m) (£ 206m)

Their income is large, but they also have to pay a fairly large salary. Spurs are the only club among the top six who spend less than half of their income on salary expenses, which is 148 million pounds or 39 percent of total income.

MU spent exactly half or 50 percent of their income on salaries (296 million pounds). Man City spent 52 percent (260 million pounds), Liverpool 58 percent (264 million pounds), Chelsea 55 percent (246 million pounds), and Arsenal 62 percent (240 million pounds).

That is, MU’s balance sheet is still good even though they are not performing. MU also helped the Premier League become the richest league among other leagues in Europe, even in the world.

MU has become a champion in his own way.

According to the latest Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance report, MU’s income in the 2017/18 season is quite massive. The Red Devils get a total of 590 million pounds, or around 10.7 trillion rupiah. A very large number for sixth place clubs.

Manchester City followed in second place with revenues of 503 million pounds. After two seasons with six trophies, Man City’s trip should be appreciated.

Liverpool, who finished second in this season, are number three richest club with 455 million pounds. Followed by Chelsea with 448 million pounds, Arsenal 389 million pounds, and Tottenham with 379 million pounds.

There is a financial gap created between The Big Six and other clubs in the Premier League. Noted, the clubs joined in The Big Six collected revenues of 2.76 billion pounds in the 2017/18 season.

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