Manchester United Should Be Aware That Neighbors Are Starting To Be Noisy

Manchester United will have to wait longer to win their first trophy with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. They must also immediately realize that Manchester City have come threatening in the Premier League.

Manchester United have buried their dream of advancing to the Carabao Cup final. In a fierce and open duel, Manchester United lost 0-2 to Manchester City through goals from John Stones and Fernandinho.

Now it means that the ‘Red Devils’ must return quite a distance from the title. The Premier League is still half a season, the FA Cup has only entered the third round, while the Europa League has only entered the last 32. This defeat made Manchester United lose one competition to win the championship trophy. In fact, Manchester United only needs two wins to get the trophy from the League Cup.

Solskjaer stated that Manchester United played well against Manchester City and they lost because the opposing team was better. This defeat also made Manchester United have lost four times in a row in the semifinals in the competition they participated in.

The defeat was certainly a major blow to Manchester United players from a mental perspective. It seems that they have not returned to being used to facing vital and important matches that have a big influence in the title race.

Unlike the case with Manchester City, which is used to entering the final and winning the Carabao Cup competition in the last three seasons.

After this, Manchester United will face Watford in the FA Cup on January 9, followed by the duel against Burnley (12/1) and Liverpool (17/1).

With a tight schedule, the most realistic option for Solskjaer is to make a large rotation in the duel against Watford.

The FA Cup trophy can certainly be an option and solace if you don’t win the Premier League, but Manchester United are waiting for two tough duels that can make them top of the Premier League standings.

Because of this, Solskjaer should rest the players who are already in his plan to face Burnley and Liverpool in the Premier League.

If you get points in the Burnley match, Manchester United will automatically shift Liverpool to the top of the standings and will have a duel of life and death to defend that position in the match at Anfield a few days later.

Apart from preparations for three consecutive matches in the space of eight days, Manchester United must realize that it is not only Liverpool that deserves their attention.

Man City, who had also stumbled at the start of the season like Manchester United, began to skyrocket and bite.

Qualifying for the Carabao Cup final means they are only one step away from reaching the fourth consecutive trophy in this match. This success also increases Man City’s motivation to regain confidence this season.

That means Man City have one game more than Man United and two games more than Liverpool. Man City’s threat in the Premier League is still invisible because they sit in fifth position with a value of 29 points. But ‘The Citizens’ have only played 15 games so far.

Roughly speaking, Man City can even surpass Liverpool’s points if they assume that the two remaining games they have won have resulted in victory.

Man City have lost no more in the last 12 matches in all competitions. Their last five matches have always resulted in victories.

If in previous seasons Man City was known as a fierce team up front but weak at the back, this season Manchester City have a thicker defense. In the last 12 games, Man City have conceded only three goals.

The solid defense built by Man City also reduces the difficulty they have on a goal machine because Sergio Aguero is injured and Gabriel Jesus is not at his best.

Man City’s opponents in the Premier League match in January were also noticed by Man United.

In the remainder of this month, Man City will face Brighton & Hove Albion, Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, West Bromwich Albion and Sheffield United. Only Aston Villa is included in the list of the top 10 teams from the potential opponents while the last two opponents are currently in the red zone.

One thing is for sure, Man United must be aware that Man City has started to squirm and return to being ‘Noisy Neighbors’. The defeat in the Carabao Cup is enough to become a lesson so that it doesn’t happen again in the Premier League. Reflecting on this, ‘The Citizens’ have a great opportunity to get maximum points in the five matches that they have played. With Liverpool vs Man United having to clash, there is another advantage for Pep Guardiola’s squad when they want to go fast.

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