Marc Marquez after winning the MotoGP series again, between mental and rain

Marc Marquez managed to become the winner of the 2021 German MotoGP which was held at the Sachsenring, Sunday (20/6/2021). This is Marc Marquez’s first victory after 581 days since he last felt the championship podium at the 2019 Valencia MotoGP.

Previously, Marc Marquez failed to continue his dominance in 2020 after experiencing an accident in the opening series, namely the Spanish MotoGP. The incident made Marquez suffer a fracture to his right arm which kept him out of the 2020 MotoGP event.

Marc Marquez then returned to the track in the Portuguese MotoGP, finishing seventh. However, Marquez failed to appear consistent after that. The rider nicknamed The Baby Alien even failed to finish successively because he fell in the French MotoGP, Italian MotoGP, and Catalunya MotoGP.

Hence, this victory in the German MotoGP means a lot to him. “This is one of the most important and significant successes of my career,” said Marc Marquez. “I knew I had a big chance today. It was not easy mentally because I came back from a long injury and always crashed in the last three races,” he said.

“But I told myself this was my day,” said the eight-time world champion. Marc Marquez revealed that it was his ambition to stick with the top riders from the start of the race to compete for the podium.

Furthermore, the rain that fell at the beginning of the race became a crucial moment for Marquez’s victory. This situation was successfully exploited to perfection by Marc Marquez, who was increasingly enthusiastic about riding his iron horse and drove away from his rivals. “I decided to fight for the podium here and stay close to the top riders,” he said.

“Winning is only a slim possibility. However, I think if the circumstances allow, I will try,” he said. “When it rains, I think this is my race. I try to go at the same speed as on the dry track,” said Marc Marquez.

Victory in the German MotoGP made Marc Marquez bear the status of the king of the Sachsenring. Marc Marquez has a total of 11 consecutive wins at the circuit since 2010.

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