Marcelo Bielsa Madness List

Marcelo Bielsa is the coach of Leeds United. He managed to bring promotion for Leeds to the English Premier League this season. The coach, now 65 years old, was labeled as “the mad one.” The pin “the crazy one” is no exaggeration. This is a list of Bielsa madness.

Threatens Fans with Hand Grenades

In 1992 when he became coach of the Newels Old Boys, Bielsa had an unexpected action. At that time, Newels lost 0-6. Finally, the Bielsa house was visited by Newels fanatical supporters. At that time, Bielsa left the house and opened the door. He’s carrying a hand grenade.

Bielsa threatened to pull the trigger and throw grenades at the fans. In the end, the supporters were running helter-skelter. Bielsa? Not just silence. He ran after the supporters with hand grenades and wearing only his pajamas.

Hunt players until dawn

Marcela Mora, writer of Argentine football, revealed that in the past Bielsa was in charge of the junior academy for Newels Old Boys, a club from Argentina.

It is said, if Bielsa is eyeing a player, then that player will be hunted down and know no time. One time, Bielsa visited the little player’s house at 02.00 in the morning.

The little man Bielsa chased after was Mauricio Pochettino. A player who later became an Argentina national team player. After retiring as a player, Pochettino became a coach. The 2018-2019 season Pochettino managed to bring Tottenham Hotspur to qualify for the Champions League final but lost to Liverpool.

Train from a Tree

Ricardo Lunari, a former Newels player, told one madness when training was held. The players were confused because they heard Bielsa’s instructions, but didn’t see where the coach was.

It turns out that Bielsa is up in the tree. Bielsa gave instructions from the tree. The reason was, he wanted to see his foster children training with the best view. From above Bielsa can see the best view.

Hard Training

Bielsa is known to give hard training to his foster children. Former Newels player Ricardo Lunari revealed it. He revealed that when they were 15 to 16 years old, the players usually practiced 1.5 hours and were exhilarating.

However, together with Bielsa, the youngsters were trained for 3 hours. During those 3 hours, the children were asked to concentrate and exercise physically with unusual intensity.

Player Presentation of Observation Results

Pardo and Lunari mentioned that after training was over, Bielsa sent his players home. The players were told to bring a video to watch. After the meeting returned, the players were asked to present a video containing the potential opponent. The players were asked to present the line-ups, tactics and routines of the opponents in set pieces.

24 Hour Football

Lunari, who was once Bielsa’s assistant, decides that he doesn’t want to work with Bielsa anymore. According to Lunari, cooperation with Bielsa requires special people. He admitted that he could not be like Bielsa, namely thinking 24 hours on football.

“I don’t think about playing 24 hours a day,” said Lunari. He chose to like Bielsa as an outsider. He admitted that he could not work together with Bielsa. Because, it is very heavy.

Bring 2,000 Videos

Bielsa is known to bring 2,000 videos for the 2002 World Cup. He prepared many videos. The video is about potential opponents and also the performance of the players. But 2,000 videos can’t help Argentina. Argentina were eliminated in the group stage by losing to England, winning over Nigeria and drawing with Sweden.

Lack of Title

Bielsa is known for his madness. However, one thing that also stands out is that his achievements are not too special. The best thing he has ever accomplished was bringing the Argentine national team to win a soccer gold medal for the 2004 Olympics.

Pardo said that he suspected Bielsa’s lack of achievement was because the coach was not close to the players. Bielsa treats players like machines. He doesn’t take a personal approach to players. According to Pardo, coaches like Klopp, Guardiola and Zidane are better than Bielsa in terms of approach to players.

As a coach, Bielsa is also remembered for his unlucky actions. He has signed for Lazio. However, in just two days, he decided to run away from Lazio. I think Bielsa is really a crazy person. There were only two words to her, awesome or annoying.

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