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Marcos Rojo fulfills his dream by moving to Manchester United

Marcos Rojo, Argentine footballer started his footballercareer in Estudiantes LP at the age of ten. After that he passed to Spartak Moscow where he stayed only until 2012 when he made a transfer to Sporting from Lisbon for £3.5 million and has signed a four year contract. However, on the 13th of August due to some misunderstanding Rojo was disciplined by his club because he refused to keep on with his training after the transfer request that involved him moving to Manchester United. Either in Sporting Lisbon and Argentine national team Marcos Rojo played as a defender.


This 24-year-old apologized to his, now, old club Sporting Lisbon for refusing to train after the transfer request saying that it was all a big misunderstanding and that he learned a lot being in Sporting that supported him even when he didn’t play at his best. In addition, he also apologized for acting in an unprofessional way.

However Rojo declined the speculations about the supposed violence between Bruno de Carvalho (Sporting’s president) and himself. Rojo affirmed that he was very angry seeing that in papers because supposing those were all lies. The thing got even worse when Rojo made it clear that his intentions were going on a strike before he had apologized to his co-players and colleagues.

Papers reported on Monday that the deal is now on and that Manchester United had agreed on a contract worth €20 million but also with a winger footballer Nani going on a loan that will last for a season. Some sources affirmed that the fact that Nani has left the club is not supposed to surprise for he needs the transfer in order to make his career worthy again and revive his game.

Rojo headlined in papers that a transfer to Red Devils was like a dream come true to him. Anyhow, Rojo has high possibilities to play for the first team, while he is still experiencing his injury crisis that was really heavy. The Argentine player can easily be used for he can play a left wing-back as well as the left side of a back-three. The potential he has in the way he plays is enormous, some would say.

During the World Cup in Brazil, Marcos Rojo helped his country’s team with one goal. The 24-year-old Argentine player is a proper refreshment for the Red Devils and a young talent that can be beneficial for the club.



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