Marcus Rashford Agrees to Move to Barcelona in 2018, Why did it not happen?

Marcus Rashford is claimed to have agreed to move to Barcelona in the summer of 2018. However, the move to Spain failed because the Manchester United striker was doubtful of his readiness to play outside England.

The number 10 Marcus Rashford is now the most important player in Manchester United. Rashford is said to be the future player of the Red Devils. His performance also continues to improve.

In 2019, The 22 years old Marcus Rashford signed a new contract with Manchester United. The contract will end in 2023. Rashford gets a wage of 250 thousand pounds per week from the contract.

A year before signing a new contract, Rashford was planning to move to Barcelona. At that time, Rashford was indeed weighing his future seriously. Move or stay at United.

Why The Move to Barcelona Was Cancelled

Spanish media, Mundo Deportivo, calls Barcelona seriously approaching Marcus Rashford who is wavering. Negotiations were carried out and communication went fairly well between the two parties.

Barcelona then claimed to have an agreement with Marcus Rashford. The deal happened personally. Rashford gave a verbal answer that he was willing to move to Camp Nou in the summer of 2018.

However, Rashford’s intention to move to Barcelona was gone. At that time, there were no serious negotiations between Barcelona and Manchester United. New negotiations were held in person.

Rashford canceled his personal agreement with Barcelona. The England international feels that he is not ready to move abroad. At that time, Rashford was only 20 years old and had just finished his third season in United’s main squad.

Marcus Rashford Grows Rapidly in His Career

Marcus Rashford’s decision to reject Barcelona’s proposal was proved to be the right decision. Rashford became the first choice on Manchester United front line, and continued to score for United.

In the previous season, Rashford was able to score 10 goals in the Premier League. He played 33 matches throughout the season. Meanwhile, until the 28th week of the current season, Rashford has scored 14 goals in 22 matches.

Under the guidance of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Rashford plays in his favorite position of being a center forward. In the Jose Mourinho time, Rashford played as a left winger and he was not happy enough with that position.

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