Marin Čilić – The Tennis World has This New Superstar!

Marin Čilić is a popular Croatian tennis player. He was born on 28th September 1988. He is also the reigning champion at the US Open tennis tournament. Till date he managed to win total thirteen single titles. He has also achieved the highest rank of No.8 in his career as a tennis player. This was achieved on 13th October 2014. Marin Čilić has become popular at the international level while defeating Andy Murray. It was the time when Andy Murray was ranked as No.2 tennis player in this world.

Marin Čilić defeated this player during the 4th round of US Open in the year 2009. Soon after this victory, Marin Čilić has also managed to secure the slot at the semifinals of Australian Open in 2010. He was also one of the quarterfinalists at the Wimbledon in 2014.As a tennis player Marin Čilić has started the hunt quite early.

His potential was soon discovered by the local coaches and then he was moved to Zagreb to receive further training in this sport. Here, he got the chance to play with his countryman and a popular figure in world tennis Goran Ivanisevic. He was the one who introduced Marin Čilić to the popular coach named as Bob Brett. During the year 2005, Marin Čilić has turned into a professional player and then he hired Ivanisevic as his full-time coach during the year 2013.


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