Marko: Wolff should be worried about his front wings

Marko thinks Wolff shall look into its front wing

Helmut Marko, Red Bull Formula 1 advisor, advises the rival F1 team boss, Toto Wolff to consider looking “at his front wings”. He says Wolff shall be worried about the protest in Baku over the flexibility of the wings.

Lewis Hamilton spoke on Red Bull running a “bendy wing” during Spanish Grand Prix. Since then, F1 teams have spoke on the matter of stability of the rear wings.

The FIA, Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, has considered clamping on teams disobeying its regulations. It has announced new rigidity test regulations that will be enacted from the French Grand Prix this year.

However, McLaren and Mercedes has shown discontent with the decision at this stage. They believe the teams like Red Bull, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo might be able to exploit the regulation loop holes in Azerbaijan next week.

Wolff, Mercedes team principal, warned of a protest against the FIA regulation. He believes that F1 would be in hot waters if the authority does not show-up with a sound clarification of the incident before the Baku race.

Howerver, Marko feels that FIA was loud and clear about its position. It has announced the enactment of the regulation well before time. He indicate that Red Bull might lock horns with the Mercedes over the flexibility of the front wing.

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“We find this a bit strange,” Marko said in an exclusive interview with

“The FIA has decided that the rules for the test, especially for the torsion resistance, will be changed. This will apply from Paul Ricard onwards. That is a very clear statement and regulation.

“If Mr Wolff thinks that is too late for him – in my opinion, it is still the FIA that determines the procedure. If he does that [protest], he is free to do so.

Marko was clear that Red Bull could engage Mercedes over front wing. It is not the first time that Mercedes’ front wing has debated.

Wolff added that Mercedes has gone through it front wing. He claimed that team has found that it was “bending exactly the same way as the Red Bull”. He pointed that both the teams “could be protesting each other on the front wing also”.

Wolff added: “But it’s clear that the rear wing bends more than it should. Under the rules, it has been classified as non conformance.”

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