Marvin Rettenmaier is no longer with Partypoker Team Pro

Marvin Rettenmaier is known as the winner of World Poker Tour for two times. This week the news is up that Marvin has finally announced that he is not the member of Partypoker Team Pro anymore. This news was revealed by Marvin Rettenmaier himself in a post which he updated on Facebook. In this post Marvin Rettenmaier gave a message to his fans around the world by posting, “I would like to thank party-poker for the good collaboration and the fun times over the last 2.5 years. Just because I won’t be with party anymore, it doesn’t mean that I’ll need to decrease the partying in my lifestyle – I checked my contract”

During European Poker Tour Main Event played at Grand Connaught Rooms London UK, Marvin Rettenmaier was unable to manage the play and unfortunately the event ended on the second day.

After this defeat at European Poker Tour Main Event, Marvin Rettenmaier is now at number 7th place in the list of all – time money Germany. Marvin Rettenmaier joined Partypoker Team Pro in 2012 and his present tournament winnings for Partypoker are $4,779,113. The year when Marvin Rettenmaier joined Partypoker the same year he played remarkably at Poker Tour Grand Final Montecarlo, World Poker Tour Championship Las Vegas and World Poker Tour Cyprus. The news of split between Partypoker Team Pro and Marvin Rettenmaier is latest these days and it has been seen that many of his fans around the globe are much disappointed. Giving backup to fans Marvin Rettenmaier has shown them that even if he has left Partypoker Team Pro, he will still win other tournaments too. His motivating posts at Facebook have left his fans much excited for the upcoming poker tournaments.  Marvin Rettenmaier on leaving Partypoker Team Pro gave a message to his fans and he said, “Since I won the first tournament with Partypoker, its just common sense that I will win the first one without them as well”

So it is great that Marvin Rettenmaier is pretty much hopeful for his upcoming poker tournaments. If he can win first Partypoker then with all his strategies he can make great wins at various upcoming new events too. There are quite great hopes from Marvin Rettenmaier that he will surely do some great bluffs in the upcoming events too. Leaving Partypoker Team Pro is not a big issue for him and he will surely cope with the upcoming new poker tournaments very well.


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