Matthijs de Ligt Responds to Man United Rumours

Matthijs de Ligt Responds to Man United Rumours

In recent weeks, Matthijs de Ligt has been linked to a move from Juventus to Manchester United. The Dutch defender was interviewed after Serie A play suspended due to coronavirus by the Voetbal International and responded to these transfer rumours.

“A lot has been said and written and it seemed that I made a decision overnight, but of course that wasn’t the case,” De Ligt said.

“It was very annoying that so much was speculated. I tried to shut myself off, although with all those social media that is never entirely possible.

“I have been laughing at such messages for a long time, but it also makes you tired at some point. There was something every day. Suddenly even my father was too fat, which is why a club would not want me. Then you think ‘Come on man….’ At some point it gets annoying.” De Ligt added.

Juventus played barely 26 matches this season, and Del Ligt started in 20 of them. He is a 20 year old kid in a new team, in a new league, surrounded by a new language, and with a new coach that is still constructing the team.

“I am very excited about what could happen in the near future. I am also trying to stay calm, though. I view this as a challenge, that is the most important thing.” De Ligt said.

“There are several options and I really want to pick the best one. Logically, one option is better than another. Life abroad could be difficult, but I am still an ordinary Dutch guy, I am no different to the others. Perhaps living abroad will be more intense for me.” De Ligt added.

De Ligt has said he no longer feels invincible like he did at Ajax following his early struggles since moving to Juventus and has now acknowledged he does not have the same confidence he did at Ajax, although he is sure he will improve.

“At Ajax, I felt invincible. Today it’s different. But I think it’s normal because everything is new for me. I’m progressing and I’m not worried.” De Ligt said.

“I don’t know myself why I’m not playing as well as I’d like. All I can do is continue to work, to do my best and to try to learn from my team-mates.” he added.

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