Mayweather Failed to Knockout Youtuber Logan Paul

Legendary boxer from the United States, Floyd Mayweather Jr., failed to knock out YouTuber Logan Paul while fighting in an exhibition duel. The duel which was held at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, United States, on Sunday (6/6/2021) lasted eight rounds.

Floyd Mayweather, the world champion in five different classes, never beat Logan Paul’s KO. However, he was able to dominate the fight. As a result, according to the agreed rules, the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul duel ended without a winner.

The new winner can be determined if one of the boxers manages to knock out the opponent in an 8-round fight. Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul failed to do that. For Floyd Mayweather, this result may be somewhat disappointing, given his status as one of the best boxers in the world. On the other hand, this result is a big achievement for Logan Paul, a famous YouTuber who can defend against legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The Course of the Fight

Round 1
Logan Paul, who had a superior posture, immediately tried a few jabs from the start. However, Floyd Mayweather who is now 44 years old looks still agile and able to avoid every attempt from his opponent. Logan Paul really appeared aggressive even though most of his punches were unable to hit Floyd Mayweather who continued to dodge.

Round 2
Not much different from the first round, Mayweather made Logan Paul miss a lot of punches. Mayweather began to launch attacks. He is also said to have started to frustrate Logan Paul before teasing the YouTuber at the end of the round. “You’ve had enough fun,” said Mayweather.

Round 3
Logan Paul started to maximize his posture advantage until he managed to hit Mayweather. Mayweather’s smile also appeared when welcoming Logan Paul’s punch. He then retorted and started to raise the tempo.

Round 4
It was Mayweather’s turn to apply pressure, while Logan Paul continued to try to balance. In fact, Mayweather had landed a punch to the chin of Logan Paul who was getting tired. Logan Paul was cornered but still managed to escape after leaning on Mayweather, trying to slow the tempo of the duel. Mayweather really improved everything from speed to punching power, while Paul continued to be stuck in the corner of the ring struggling for the bell to ring.

Round 5
Mayweather still dominated but his punches were not enough to overthrow Logan Paul. Paul kept trying to slow down the tempo of the attack.

Round 6
Mayweather was very upset with Logan Paul who kept leaning on him when he was about to make significant shots. Shortly after, Mayweather again managed to land a left hook, but again Logan Paul was able to hold on and get out of the pressure.

Round 7
Logan Paul couldn’t land anything other than a pretty weak left. He continued to lean back, trying to stop Mayweather’s attempt. A frustrated Floyd pushed Logan Paul into the corner of the ring before being separated by the referee.

Round 8
Mayweather is still trying to find the right angle of attack, which can overthrow Logan Paul. However, Mayweather’s efforts were too late. Logan Paul can anticipate every attack and survive until the fight is over. The bell rang and Logan Paul managed to survive in an eight-round fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

It would be interesting to see what lays next for Mayweather as he already closed his curtain but still willing to make a return to boxing ring whenever the time permits. For Logan Paul, it is definitely a good exposure for him in his boxing journey and his fans would definitely looking for more in the next years.


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