Mercedes might yield greater performance potential than Ferrari: Wolff

Mercedes 2019 - Hamilton 44

Mercedes potential for greater development may over-run the expectations from Ferrari, says Toto Wolff

Ferrari had enjoyed the notion of having a better car at hand than Mercedes with pre-season testing results.

However, the race results suggest otherwise and the victories that team have achieved reasons that Mercedes concept may have greater potential for development as Wolff suggests.

Mattia Binotto, Ferrari team principal, also admitted that the team design philosophy might be the reason hurting its score board.

Ferrari have opted for a very different aerodynamic design which pump straight line pace for their SF90. But it failed to impress in the corners.

Wolff supported the idea that Mercedes might have a greater potential to unveil on track which initially was obscured by Ferrari performance. He supported the idea by comparing the performance of both teams so far on track.

Wolff said, “I think it’s definitely an interesting thought because when you see who was in front in winter testing it’s very different to the ones that are in the front today, or if you look at the fights in the midfield.

“So it was two different aerodynamic concepts, and maybe there is a certain truth in it.

“But then there is never one question or one answer in Formula 1, or a silver bullet that justifies good or bad performance.

“I think it is about developing the car, keeping the developments strong.

“And we really try to add performance from weekend to weekend from the factory that means from the real hardware and software but also the real understanding of the car, the set-up and the tyres.”

Title contending teams responded differently to 2019 front wing regulations and opted for different design philosophies.

Wolff said Mercedes might yield long-term performance benefits through the chosen design.

The German team has still to introduce their first engine upgrade, which its rivals Ferrari and Red Bull has already introduced.

“There is steps on the power to come but with mature regulations it’s not those immense steps that we have seen in the past,” said Wolff.

“But still some really good work that is being number for engine number two. In terms of unleashing more performance from the chassis I think we have still good ideas.

“It’s still just the fifth race with these new regulations and more potential to unlock from the car. This is also why we decided to go that way. We felt that with the front wing concept we have followed there is more potential long-term maybe with the risk of a short-term struggle.”

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