Messi Presence Is The Reason Why Conte Wanted To Leave Inter Milan?

Lionel Messi has been reported in the last few days to continue his career at Inter Milan. A number of signs of La Pulga – nicknamed Messi – will also be seen in uniform Inter.

Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, is known to have just bought a house in the city of Milan. Then, Messi’s silhouette appeared as a promotional advertisement for Inter v Napoli on Wednesday 29 July 2020 early morning hrs.

In addition, there are other things that make Messi closer to the exit of the Estadio Camp Nou. Recently, Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu said Barcelona would no longer bring in top players, at least for the next four seasons the impact of the corona virus pandemic.

Barcelona’s inability to bring in top players, is believed to make Messi more confident to leave the Estadio Camp Nou. However, the presence of Messi in Inter’s body is predicted not to be approved by the Nerazzurri tactician – Inter’s nickname – that is Antonio Conte.

According to Italian footballer Paolo Di Canio, Conte does not agree if Messi continues his career with Inter. Because, if Messi is present at Giuseppe Meazza, Messi’s name will be discussed more often than Inter itself.

It is feared that if this happens, the balance and reliability of the team can be disrupted. Now the question is, is there a connection between the rumors of Messi’s arrival and Conte’s desire to leave Inter?

In the last few days it was rumored that Conte wanted to leave Inter. Conte feels he is no longer protecting management, especially from attacks by well-known Italian media vocals.

It is not impossible, rumors of Inter’s plans to bring Messi, making Conte increasingly convinced to leave from Giuseppe Meazza. Reportedly, Conte’s future with Inter will be announced after Nerazzurri appear in the 2019-2020 European League.

Early tomorrow, Inter will play counter Getafe in the last 16 of the European League 2019-2020. On several occasions, Conte did declare his commitment with Inter. However, Conte is known as a figure who often crosses opinions with club management.

Problem with management is not the first time experienced by Conte. Previously when handling Bari, Juventus to Chelsea, Conte also experienced almost the same problem.

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