Messi’s glorious era is predicted to Fade Soon

Former footballer Emmanuel Petit assess the glory of Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi, will run out in a matter of years. Lionel Messi has been a football icon since the beginning of his career in the Spanish League with Barcelona. Lionel Messi has given many titles to Barcelona including 10 Spanish League titles and six Champions League titles.

Unfortunately, series of bad results in Barcelona recent matches are linked to the performance of Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi was furious because Eric Abidal as Barcelona’s Sports Director accused Barcelona players of taking part in the sacking of Ernesto Valverde. That’s what makes Messi rumored to leave.

Manchester City is reportedly the strongest candidate to bring in the player. Quoted from Mirror, Emmanuel Petit criticized the intention of Man City who want to bring Messi. Petit, who had played in the English League with Arsenal (1997-2000) and Chelsea (2001-2004), and had also played in Barcelona (2000-2001), deplored the Citizens’ maneuver.

According to him, Man City should have dared to seriously bring Messi from the start and not now when he was old enough. “If City wants to hire Messi’s services, they should have done it a few years ago. Messi will only be able to play at the highest level in the next one or two years,” he said. “He will not have the same ability and speed in dribbling. I am sure he also realizes that the end of his career will not be long,” said the French legend.

The same was expressed by a former England player, Danny Ings, as quoted by the Daily Star. Ings said that moving to the Premier League was not a good choice, both for Manchester City and Messi. “He is a sensational player, we know that. However, you have to build a team that revolves around him. He needs partners around him,” Ings said.

Earlier, Petit said that Messi would not be suitable to play with Manchester City because the player was not “formed” to play in the English League. Petit even compared the Argentine to Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who was able to play in any competition. The Portuguese player previously played with Manchester United in the English League from 2003 to 2009.

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