Michelin Has Its New Idea for MotoGP 2020 Season

Michelin Has Its New Idea for MotoGP 2020 Season

Michelin’s Piero Taramasso is already in full swing at the start of the 2020 season which will take place from July 17 to 19 in Jerez.

And for good reason, Michelin must manufacture and then route before supplying the teams with the essential tyres which must have rubber compounds suited to the situation.

This season has made up of several GPs on the same circuit, will undoubtedly create more than legitimate World Champion.

But if the campaign had started as planned, no doubt the balance of power would have been different. Taramasso indeed recognises that the containment reset everything.

“In March, there were teams that had found the right configuration immediately and whose riders had well suited, and others who still had to work, like Ducati and Honda.” Taramasso said.

“But I think that during this break, they were able to analyse all the data and that we understood better how to use the new tire. I expect a good start to the championship. Three or four motorcycles decided by the photo finish.

“The new rear tyre has a lot of grip, so you have to work on the balance and attitude of the bike, the rider must also adapt both when braking and when accelerating. With two races on the same circuit, there will be more time to do well and I think in the second race, where everyone will be prepared, we will see a lot more fights.

“I would not be surprised to see 15 riders in a second in qualifying or you arrive in photo finish with 3 or 4 motor bikes. I think it will be very spectacular and there will be more varied podiums than usual.

“Riders will be able to better exploit the potential of motorcycles and tires and the track conditions will also be better.” Taramasso added.

Regarding track conditions, Taramasso added that he knew what be ready for and that Michelin had adapted accordingly.

“We decided to eliminate the flexible rubber initially planned and to increase all the options for a step when it comes to hardness, the addition of a rubber that gives us the security to function well, even in extreme heat conditions.” Taramasso said.

“The tyres that the drivers will have during the preliminary tests will be exactly the same as those of the two GPs in all double races, the tyres will always be the same. We will make the tyres at the last minute.

Next week, we will communicate the list of tyres for all the Grands Prix. We also had the opportunity during private tests last week to test the new asphalt in Misano and we are now more serene.” he added.

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