Mick Schumacher May Have His Chance to Drive Ferrari at Formula 1

Mick Schumacher

Coming from a family with a 7 times champion father (Michael Schumacher), Mick Schumacher has the natural talent as far as Ferrari observed.

Mick has proven himself to have huge amounts of talent and now he has joined the Ferrari Drivers Academy and there’s no reason he won’t do very well.

“I feel drawn to Ferrari. I grew up with them and have always driven for Italian teams with the exception of one season.” Mick said.

“Even early on, when I was in karting, I drove for Tony Kart in a completely Italian team. The only year I haven’t worked with Italians was in 2015 when I competed in Formula 4 with Van Amersfoort.

“I’m back now with Italians once again at Prema. The passion they have for motorsport is just terrific. You appreciate that all the more at Ferrari. Walking around Maranello or Fiorano feels really special. It’s just one big happy family. You feel good when you’re there, part of the Ferrari family.” Mick added.

The 19-year-old driver is still young and has his F2 season in front of him, and the Scuderia believes that he will be the champion. And Sebastian Vettel is one man who has given him loads of encouragement.

“I’ve got a great deal of respect for him. We talk a lot about motorsport. I try to get tips from him and put them into practice. He’s been in the sport quite a few more years than me, so every conversation we have helps.” Mick said.

“I think what my dad was to Sebastian, he is for me, someone that I’m close to, with whom I can talk about motorsport.

“The hard times make us stronger. If we can manage to turn things around so that it works out positive for us in the end, then we’ve learned more than if everything had gone well right from the start.

“If at some point, you join Formula 1 and then suddenly find that nothing’s going right, then the pressure is enormous. These are situations that can completely break a driver.” he added.

If Vettel ever leaves Ferrari, Mick may have his chance or be the third driver. People think that it will ruin a bit of his career but it may pay off good.

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