Minions In Forbes 30 Under 30

Indonesian men’s doubles pair, Marcus Gideon and Kevin Sukamuljo, are the number 1 men’s pair in the world version of BWF. Of course it’s the best achievement to be number one in the badminton world.

They have achieved many awards. However, it was also the happiest thing when Minions, their nickname, was named in the list of under 30 Asia 2020 in the Forbes Magazine Entertainment & Sports category.

Reporting from, 5/4/2020, Minions became the only representative athletes who were selected in this category. Minions are in line with Japanese footballers who strengthen Liverpool’s Takumi Minamino.

The 30 Under 30 Asia is a list of 30 people or groups under the age of 30, but is considered the most influential in 10 categories in Asia. The Minions, nicknamed Marcus / Kevin, are under 30 years old.

Marcus is currently just turning 29 years old. While Kevin, five years under him. Nevertheless, they have become the best men’s doubles partner in the world, precisely ranked 1 since October 2017.

In 2018, the pair won eight BWF World Tour titles and were named the most favorite male athlete in Indonesia, “wrote the official website of Forbes. “At the 2020 Asian Team Badminton Championships in Manila, Kevin / Marcus also succeeded in bringing the Indonesian men’s team to the gold medal,” he continued.


Looking closely, Minions become one of the most influential young people in Asia is certainly due to their achievements. It is clear that so far Minions have won so many titles from every tournament organized by BWF, such as having won the Indonesia Open several times, the All England, China Open, Japan Open and many more. It will be even more influential if later the Minions can win the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the badminton branch.

It was from these achievements that Minions was able to get more and more fans, inspired many people and were valued for their skills and achievements. People who excel will certainly be in the public spotlight and the talk of people.

Likewise with the Minions skill, their speed and mentality become the pride of many people. Many people who become inspired want to be as good as him. That’s what makes Minions so influential in Asia.

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