MLS: Montreal Impact Refuses to Comment on Covid-19 Cases

MLS: Montreal Impact Refuses to Comment on Covid-19 Cases

The Montreal Impact does not intend to move from its policy and will not comment on the cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Major League Soccer (MLS).

Garber circuit revealed that 18 players and six MLS club staff have received positive tests at COVID-19 since the resumption of regular team training on June 4, but did not indicate which teams were targeted.

Asked about it Monday morning, an Impact spokesperson said that since the start of the health crisis, the club has decided not to disclose whether or not players from its camp have been diagnosed positively.

However, he recalled that since the resumption of training at the Nutrilait Center, all players and staff members on site are tested on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and that their temperature is taken every day, as soon as they arrive at the training complex.

The sanitary protocol is ensured by the MLS once the clubs go to Orlando, where the revival of activities tournament will take place. The Impact will leave Montreal for Florida on Thursday.

Last week, a Montreal station reported that two positive cases of COVID-19 within Thierry Henry’s squad had forced the cancellation of training on Tuesday and Wednesday. These cases would have turned out to be false positives and according to what the Canadian Press has learned, all of the Impact’s players are in training.

Since June 4, 668 players have been tested positive for COVID-19 in the MLS, with 18 testing positive ahead of travelling to the Disney World resort in Florida for the tournament, it said. The MLS will conclude on 11 August, with league providing an update on the latest round of testing.

“While in isolation, MLS players and other staff will be in daily communication with and receive remote care, including monitoring of symptoms, and regular follow-up testing.” a statement read.

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