Morata Talks About The Causes of Ronaldo’s Move From Real Madrid

Alavaro Morata has now officially joined Juventus. The Spanish forward has been on loan for a season from Atletico Madrid for a fee of 10 million euros.

Morata’s return to Juventus saw him now reunited with his former Real Madrid teammate Cristiano Ronaldo. This condition in the end made many parties remember the process of moving CR7 to Juve in the summer of 2018.

At that time, no one actually thought that Ronaldo would leave Madrid. Because, CR7 is Madrid’s main goal machine and has even become an icon of Los Blancos itself.

That’s why when Ronaldo finally decided to leave, this was a big question mark. Especially because Ronaldo said that the situation in Madrid had changed and made him feel uncomfortable.

Some have speculated that Ronaldo may have an unhappy relationship with Los Blancos. However, Morata explained that Ronaldo’s move was not due to problems in the dressing room.

“There are various ways to talk about Madrid. I think with the word ‘family,’ it doesn’t refer to the dressing room, “said Morata, as quoted by Goal, Thursday (9/24/2020).

“I don’t think he left Madrid because he didn’t get along with his team-mates or because there was no good atmosphere. Because whoever saw the conditions in Madrid (saw) it was like that all day long. One day, maybe he will tell his story, “Continued Morata.

Morata himself left Madrid a year earlier than Ronaldo, namely in the summer transfer market 2017. At that time he was recruited by Chelsea for a ransom of 66 million euros.

However, it must be regretted that Morata was unable to deliver a truly satisfying performance. During two seasons defending the Blues, Morata has appeared in 72 matches and can only record 24 goals.

Therefore, in the summer of 2019, the striker who was born on 23 October 1992 was loaned to Atletico Madrid. After spending a season on loan, Morata was redeemed by Atletico before finally being loaned back to Juventus.

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