MotoGP Portugal More Exciting If have Marquez?

The nine-month long wait ended at the MotoGP Portugal 2021, Sunday (18/4). The mystery of Marc Marquez’s ability after a long absence will be answered in the Portuguese MotoGP.

273 days is the distance between the last time Marquez appeared at the Spanish MotoGP 2020 (19 July 2020) and the MotoGP Portugal 2021 (18 April 2021). During that time Marquez had to wait to get back on track.

Marquez and Honda have learned from their mistakes. The mistake of forcing himself to appear in the free practice of the Andalusian MotoGP has made The Baby Alien’s humerus injury even worse.

Honda finally realized that Marquez was their only weapon for success in MotoGP, when other great riders, including Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa, could not beat the RC213V motorcycle.

The decision to award a long-term contract until 2024 meant that Honda had to really take care of Marquez’s condition. Moreover, Pol Espargaro has not shown any signs of being able to achieve success until the first two series of MotoGP 2021.

Initially, Marquez was predicted to appear in the first two series of MotoGP in 2021, at the Qatar GP and the Doha GP. However, the team of doctors forbade. Marquez and Honda didn’t push themselves either. The Portuguese MotoGP also marked Marquez’s comeback after nine months of absence.

“It’s nice to be back in MotoGP. I actually wanted to go back to the Qatar MotoGP, but in the end the doctor forbade and I listened to him. I have to really focus on listening to the doctor and understanding my body, so I can return to appearing in MotoGP,” said Marquez. Marca.

Marquez’s comeback in the Portuguese MotoGP will certainly not be greeted positively by his rivals. The rivals will certainly say “It’s good to see Marquez back”, but in their hearts they are sure to be worried. The reason is, Marquez who has appeared very dominant in MotoGP.

The return of Marquez will certainly make the 2021 Portuguese MotoGP race even more exciting. MotoGP without Marquez is like seeing football without Lionel Messi or the UFC without Khabib. Less bite!

When the fastest racer disappears from the track, the champion’s abilities are called into question: What would it be like if Marquez was around? However, the wait ended at the Portugal MotoGP 2021.

Now it is Marquez’s turn to face an important question. One question is definitely on the minds of MotoGP fans and rivals: What will Marquez be like after recovering from injury?

There is a saying in the world of sports that says: “an athlete’s ability will change after returning from a serious injury.” This phrase may also be in Marquez’s mind ahead of appearing at the MotoGP Portugal 2021.

Don’t question the mentality of athletes like MotoGP racers. From the start they had taken big risks, risking their lives on the circuit. But, slowly but surely that mentality can change along with a bitter experience like an accident.

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