Mourinho: The Humble One?

There is a discussion whereas Jose Mourinho is now called The Humble One. Semedo’s goal few days ago was a way of changing Mourinho Precisely on the 19th minute, the crowd of supporters broke up. There are cheering with joy. There are also those who are lethargic, silent, and give up. The cheers came from Olympiakos supporters. The fans were frenzied, jumping for joy after Ruben Semedo broke the goal for a second time. Hugo Lloris unexpectedly missed out. Semedo’s action immediately greeted by cheers of the supporters. Cheers were coming from one side. The other side from Tottenham is silent.

Unfortunately, the special one, Jose Mourinho’s nick name, which was very special, was silent and looked helpless. His special face turned reddish. The thing is he was just appointed. If he fails, of course the ‘special’ label will be smeared. However, his silence was apparently addressing him. While thinking about retribution tactics. Precisely, the 29th minute Eric Dier was pulled out, replacing Eriksen. Instead of “washing hands” of Dier’s unsatisfactory appearance. The Special then embraced him, like a good old friend. He apologizes. This is a shocking move from Mourinho.

Other than that, the other action was to show the humility of The Special who left his special coat when embracing and thanking the ball-picking boy. He said, the boy was responsible for giving the ball as fast as possible to Aurier. The Special One’s attitude provokes appreciation for football lovers. Floods of praises from fans and pundits come and go. The British media then replaced his predicate as “The Humble One.”

Mourinho was born into a new person, leaving his ego coat which makes him ‘Special’. It is the ego’s coat that raises its name. However, that night, after successfully bringing Spurs through to the last 16 in the Champions League Knockout. His ego’s mantle began to appear slowly through his two strange attitudes. And hopefully it will be left for diving. That is The Humble One. It will be interesting for us to see how Mourinho will perform with Tottenham Hotspurs, his new club. If he failed to make Tottenham Hotspurs back to their winning ways, then the management will not be hesitate to fire him and find another replacement. Will ‘The Humble One’ succeed in his new journey?


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