New Era of Newcastle United

Newcastle United’s fans feels like just woke up from a beautiful dream. With a voice that is still hoarse and the aroma of beer has not gone away after the joyous celebration since last Thursday, October 7, 2021. It was a historic day for the Newcastle upon Tyne based club. After 14 years, the club changed ownership. From Mike Ashley to the hands of the crown prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salam who redeemed him around 300 million euros or equivalent to Rp. 4.95 trillion.

Changing owners, of course changing the story. Now, The Magpies fans are waiting for a breakthrough that will be made by the new owner who is touted as the richest in the English League at this time. With qualified financial capabilities, a club that is currently languishing in the relegation zone is expected to be pushed up. Newcastle is no longer dreamed of being a cheerleader and their actions are no longer like an expression of life doesn’t want to die or doesn’t want to.

The club is imagined to be able to level up like Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). With the full power of Newcastle the road can be smooth. Able to compete at the top and stand on a par with other giants such as Liverpool, Manchester United and so on. The club’s status is also expected to change soon. Removing the mediocre predicate or sadder than that.

That’s a big question with a dubious tone. However, that question can be faced with a number of realities that are happening in the Premier League. That the power of money can change things. Chelsea and Manchester City in some aspects experienced a revival after changing owners with a large injection of funds.

After Roman Abramovich acquired Chelsea in 2003, the club underwent significant changes. The Russian tycoon changed the face of Stamford Bridge. Regularly pouring funds, the club can regularly change coaches and star players. In the first season, Abramovich gave Claudio Ranieri a large check which was then used to sign Joe Cole, Damien Duff, Juan Sebasian Veron, Glen Johnson and several others.

Money continues to be injected. The squad is constantly being updated. Top players come and go. In his second season, Abramovich was able to harvest the title. Then he could smile sweetly to win the European Champions League with the first opportunity coming in 2012. Likewise Manchester City when the rich man from the Middle East Sheikh Mansour took over from the hands of Thai businessman Thaksin Shinawatra since September 2008. Robinho was brought in. They almost cornered Dimitar Berbatov from Manchester United.

The history of City then became as we know it today. Five English Premier League titles with a European Champions League dream that several times almost came true. That’s Chelsea and City. Two clubs that are now seeded. Their gait is not only limited to the domestic stage. The European scene is like their playground. PSG’s story is not much different. Money support is not serial, now PSG is a new destination for world star players.

Newcastle want to catch up and become as big as PSG and City. “We can be as big as PSG!” However, to become big like that is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. It takes time and process. Looking at Newcastle’s current condition, the changes that must be made are radical. It’s no longer just touching one aspect of St James’ Park, but all sides from the coach, the players, the academy, the relationship with the fans and so on.

Amanda realized this: “Of course we have the same ambitions as Manchester City and PSG in terms of trophies, of course, but it will take time.” Will the reform take 5 to 10 years? In that span of time the fans can see their favorite team lift the trophy? A trophy, says Amanda, takes investment, time, patience, and teamwork. At least at the moment, the club is preparing a number of important steps, which are quite possibly fantastic.

First, the position of head coach Steve Bruce is unlikely to be secure. There is nothing encouraging from Bruce’s performance at the start of this season other than the fact the team has never won in seven games. Bruce had come to his senses. Some of his recent statements suggest that the time to be kicked out is near.

The hope of complete change requires the club to seek replacement that is considered to be able to bring about change. In addition, there is an unavoidable political reality: each regime has its own people. The club seems to have no trouble preparing severance pay for Bruce. The figure of 8 million pounds is certainly very small for the size of the new rich club.

Who is the right person to replace Bruce? The names of Claudio Ranieri, Mark Hughes, Roberto Mancini, Antonio Conte, Frank Lampard, Brendan Rodgers, Steven Gerrard, Roberto Martinez, and Eddie Howe were mentioned. Second, if you want to take off, the power of ammunition on the playing field is of course very urgent. The closest opportunity for Newcastle to spend heavily will occur in January next year.

The club seems to already have a number of targets. Not much information can be known regarding the first hunted target. Launching Marca, there are at least two names that have entered Newcastle’s radar. The two are Gareth Bale and Philippe Coutinho. If this is true and then it really happens, then the player’s business is not finished yet. Bringing in two players who are no longer “on fire” is a big question.

There is still a lot of homework to be done, along with accompanying questions waiting to be answered by the new management. With abundant money, Newcastle’s fate is expected to change completely. Becoming a newly rich club with trophies may still be far from reality. However, what fans hope for now is to see their idol team stay in the Premier League. Thankfully, in the next few years, we will be able to perform at the European level.


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