New Normal for Moto GP

Over time, we have begun to adapt with corona pandemic. Several countries which were previously “sick” began to rise. This can also be seen in sports, one of which is football.

Although the appearance in the stadium is not as usual, but over time we are getting used to it. Moreover, technology is increasingly sophisticated. What feels lacking can be replaced – for a while.

One of them is the presence of supporters’ voices. Even though there were no spectators in the stands, when we watched the broadcast of the match, we could still listen to the fans’ boisterous voices. In fact, there was also a shout “GOAL!” when the ball that managed to nest into the goal.

Another one is the presence of fake supporters who “brought” by Borussia Monchengladbach in his home. However, this does not seem very necessary.

If football has started to present its new normalcy, what about MotoGP?

As one of the popular sports, of course MotoGP is expected to coexist with a pandemic that still cannot be predicted when 100% will disappear from the earth.

MotoGP, which always starts in March and is held in Qatar, must stop immediately. This is because covid-19 spread very rapidly in Europe, especially in Italy, which incidentally is home to racers such as Valentino Rossi, Andrea Dovizioso, and others.

In fact, the racing series in MotoGP is also quite dependent on the circuit in Italy as well as Spain. That two countries at that month already felt the impact of the corona. As a result, some series must be canceled or postponed.

After more than two months, MotoGP began to look forward to decisions related to the 2020 season. Of course, they could not fully make the decision to eliminate this season.

If football is gradually able to adapt to the current situation, then MotoGP is also expected to be able to do it. But how?


Initially there was a thought that MotoGP would be like the Suzuka 24 Hours concept. This means that it is held in one circuit or one country that guarantees the safety of the competition when the corona virus can be controlled by the local government.

If you see the existence of the circuit, Spain is favored to be able to hold several series. They have the Jerez, Aragon, Catalunya and Valencia circuits. At least there is more than one circuit that can be relied upon the battle for the title.

If then only Spain is able to guarantee the implementation of MotoGP, then they can hold races in the same place with a different number of series. This sounds familiar, because World Superbike (WSBK) also applies it in the normal season.

For now, MotoGP must be realistic and forget a bit about their advantages in holding racing series in fan countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and others. MotoGP should prioritize the ability of countries that are full of experience in holding the racing event – here actually Malaysia is very experienced but the situation in dealing with corona needs to be reviewed.

Moreover, MotoGP must have a new normalcy that can launch their mission to restart this season. However, the uniqueness of this new normality is actually something that is natural at another racing level, namely WSBK.

Number of series

There are several circuits that are designated twice. Among them are Jerez, Aragon, Valencia, Redbull Ring (Austria), and Misano (San Marino / Italy). The five circuits will produce 10 series that can be contested points by Marc Marquez, Dovizioso, Maverick Vinales, Alex Rins and others.

Five circuits were then added to the other two circuits which still chose to hold only one series, namely Brno (Czech Rep.), Catalunya, and Le Mans (France). This means on a temporary basis MotoGP will hold only 13 series in this 2020 season.

Actually this number is not too small when referring to the number of series in the previous normal season which has never reached 20 series, except in 2020. In this new season MotoGP will be held with a very large number of series. However, due to the pandemic, this season will be the season with the fewest racing series.

So, how is MotoGP in the “New Normal” era? Let’s just look forward to July 19!

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